can anyone tell me about this bag

  1. my wife saw this purse and liked it but i do not know the what is called. Any help appreciated.

    also does anyone know if the straps are long enough to be a shoulder bag.

  2. I have that bag.
    The shoulder drop is about 9.5-10"
  3. do you feel comfortable wearing as a shoulder bag or do u think it needs to be longer to be worn on the shoulder?

  4. It fits very comfortably on the shoulder, the handles are quite generous. My latest bag has a 7" drop and it fits fine with a coat on.
  5. Here's a pic of the handles, borrowed from somebody's post. Hope this helps.
    chanel cloudy bundle beige 001.jpg
  6. thank you, i'm quite sure now that my wife will like it.
  7. Is no longer avail. it's from 2006, but sometimes one may come up, check NM / Newport Beach- ask for Vonda, they had one in black a few weeks back, it's the Cloudy Bundle Bowler style. Good Luck
  8. the one in the my first post was seen by my wife and was actually available ( i believe it was saxs) at 30% off. having bought her a classic jumbo and another bag last month for the holidays (before the price increase), i was going to hold off but am in the holiday spirit and am going to buy this one and a grey envelope also for her.

    would you know if either this bag or the envelope would have been effected by the recent price increase?

    Also, even though its not sold anymore, is the cloudy bundle a style that is still in the current trends?

  9. These Chanel's you're choosing are classic, always in style:yes:
  10. I understand and should have thought before i asked :smile:
  11. anyone know the price?

  12. $2295 less 30%
  13. no problem, there are actually a few styles every year that wouldn't stand the test of time, trend/style-wise, but the ones you like are classic I think :biggrin: