Can anyone tell me about the "Oran" Sandal?

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  1. I've seen it in previous seasons and after seeing it while paging through Le Monde again, I think I would love it in bright red- if it comes in bright red patent.
    I know retail is about $475

    Does it run true to size or small? Is it comfortable?

    This is it in Croc, courtesy of objets_intemporels on ebay
  2. I have tried this style on.I feel that they would fit a wide foot better,My feet are on the slim side,so there was too much space between the strap and and my foot.I even tried going down a size to see if they would fit more snug,they didn't.I love the style they are also light weight.
  3. All I know is that I want them in black!
  4. I've got it in black with white stitching. It's a little loose and unstructured. I haven't worn them for a long enough stretch to say whether they are truly comfortable or not
  5. Japster, my eyes played tricks on me! I read it as "Oran" scandal! :roflmfao:
  6. That sandal does run a bit wide.
  7. I saw them in croc in the store, fell in love and tried them on, but they are not that comfortable. They're adorable though. I guess I like a little heel better. But if you like flat sandals, they're nice. Very pricey in croc though. I have wide feet, they fit okay. Just didn't feel like they'd last long as they are very thin.
  8. japster, i have them in a cream color.
    the design is beautiful! :yes:
    unfortunately, the front is tapered, which is not
    really wide enough for my non-tapered toes! :crybaby:
    they are, however, true to size, and when i do wear
    them, the very soft leather has stretched,
    which has made them a little easier for me to wear.
    i know that the madison avenue store
    has them in every color and skin.
  9. Thanks B! Have you seen them in a patent red? What red leathers have you seen them in?
  10. :roflmfao:
  11. sorry!
    i wasn't really paying attention to any particular color. :yes:
    i just saw a whole shelf of beautiful shades of the rainbow.
  12. I have a pair in gold barenia or box, but I'm still waiting for the summer to arrive so I've not worn them yet. I should have narrow feet but I have horrible inherited bunions so they are wide at that part; I'm hoping the strap will hide them a little, at least more than a thong or flip-flop. I'm looking foward to wearing them, hope they soften and get more comfortable with use, they are a little hard just trying them on, I really need to start wearing them around the house...



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  13. ^^ allaboutnice..Oh i love your choice, whether its barenia or box, they're beautiful!!

    Japster, i have them in babypink.. true size i would say.. but i wound definitely recommend that you try this particular model in the boutique before you order anything on ebay.. just incase!! They're very comfy and they never go out of style.. I cant remember if ive seen any shade of red though!
  14. I :heart: Oran sandals too Japster I've just never seen them in a color I like in store. When I've tried them on they were true to size tho. HTH
  15. I did find it amazing that I wanted this sandal (that I don't think I would wear often) in every single color of the rainbow, they're that gorgeous. I mean, I'd need white, barenia, black croc, black box, fuschia croc (now that's gorgeous!!!) Maybe I need to go back and try them on again. They felt very thin and stiff, maybe they will soften with use after all. Who knows, maybe I'd start wearing them around the house every day - would they last?