Can Anyone Tell Me About the MJ Christy?

  1. Really do like it, but have never purchased a Marc Jacobs bag before. Is the leather really soft? Is it lightweight? Has anyone seen this bag before? I noticed on a few different sites, some of them have this bag with a zippered top, some with a magnetic closure. The ones with the zippered top are sold out. Can anyone explain what's up?????

  2. To my knowledge, the Christy never had a zippered top, only the magnetic closure. Lightweight? I don't think any Marc Jaocbs bags can be considered lightweight, but if you take that into consideration I don't think it's too bad at all! Are you aware that the black Christy will be included in Nordstrom's anniversary sale? ;)
  3. Thanks so much! When exactly is Nordstrom's anniversary sale?????
  4. You can call Nordstrom today and pre-sale one but you won't be able to pick it up till July 20th. The other MJ bags included in the sale are the Christy in white, the Venetia in black and the Deborah in black. I believe they are all 33% off. Don't forget to post pics if you decide to get one!
  5. Hi Melly:

    I just called 2 Nordstroms in my immediate area, and neither of them carry any Marc Jacobs. They said only the flagship stores do, and they are really a haul for me. They also didn't think the Black Christy would be on sale, only the white, but I thank you very much!

    Will probably end up getting the bag somewhere???? Any suggestions of online retailers that accept coupons?

    Thanks again!
  6. I know for a fact that the black Christy is on sale because I have already purchased one. I would suggest you call the Mall of America store or any other large Nordies. Shipping is free from Mall of America so I would try there first. Good luck!!
  7. I hope you can get it Equalizer on sale from Nordies. It's such a gorgeous bag. If you haven't called the Mall of America Nordies yet, ask for Toni. She helped me locate a bag once and she's very sweet.

    I'm getting envious of all you ladies who are going to get one. Can't wait to drool over your pictures! :yes::tup:
  8. bummer, i thought it had a zip top too. i've been eyeing this bag in navy for a long time.
  9. I just saw someone carrying a grey Christy while I was going out to lunch and it was gorgeous. I have to give that color a second look.
  10. This bag is really lightweight, probably one of MJ's lightest. I love the mini pushlocks on the zippers! Ditto what the other girls say, Nordstrom ships MJs, I'm surprised the SAs you spoke to didn't offer to transfer it in for you.
  11. I love this bag. I am going to have to save up for it. It's nice in navy and natural, too. I love the grey, though.

  12. Been drooling over this bag for awhile as well. I just tried it on at Nordies presale yesterday, and the leather is soft and beautiful. It did not have a zipper top. It fits on the shoulder very well, the strap is a little wider than most MJ's. I wish I had purchased the gray Christy rather than the black zip front tote I got for my bday, which I have only used once since I got it...
  13. Hey - Does anyone know if the Nordies is doing another color besides black and white?
  14. Just found the Christy bag in a gorgeous Bordeaux color on

  15. The bordeaux color is yummylicious!