can anyone tell me about the hh hudson triple strap leather?

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  1. I'm eyeing the one in vanchetta. :smile: I know that leather is distressed...but is it as soft and buttery as the others? Any owners of this color that can tell me a little more about it?
    TIA! I'm trying to finalize my HH order and am debating if I should go with this one or not...I really need a lighter colored bag.
  2. I have the one in black. The leather is thick, smooshy and soft.
  3. I have it in the vachetta color. Not sure that I'll describe it as smoochy, soft or buttery. It's hard to describe, but it has a bit of a rough feel. It's the kind of leather that you'd want in a more structured bag. I love mine, the color is gorgeous and the design works very well for me. I say go ahead and order it, you can always return it if you don't like it.
  4. the leather on the tri-strap is a thicker, soft leather. I wouldn't describe it as "smooshy" altho some people might. It's not squishy like say, a Gustto or a Bulga. It's a little glossier, with a little bit of a shine to it. It's not a raw leather. I would describe it as a little bit thicker Baleniciaga - a little vein-y, with natural folds & wrinkles. A little delicate, maybe. It is also thick enough to hold its shape & won't collapse when you set it down, or if it's not completely full.

    The bag is well made, and like a Balenciaga, can a hold a lot w/o looking over-stuffed. The front pocket is easily accessible & is perfect for your cell phone or other things you might readily need.

    I think the tri-strap is the perfect alternative for people who may not be able to afford or have the opportunity to own a Balenciaga. The bag comes in lots of colors, and has a similar shape & look to it when carried on the arm. I really like mine (I have it in Smoke Blue) a lot.
  5. Perfect description of the leather iluvmybags. I'm so bad at this, but that's how I would describe it if I could.
  6. I'm thinking of getting one in the Smoke Blue. I really like the look of this bag.
  7. Couldn't have said it any better..and I agree about it being an alternative to those who can't afford to own a Balenciaga..That was the reason I got it...:yahoo:
  8. I also got this bag as a replacement Bal City. And now that I have it, I think the design of the HH is so much better than the City. I'm not over Bal, just thinking that I'd rather get a First now.

  9. Thanks everyone. You've also helped me make my decision about the tri-strap HH bag. I still am waiting for the day I get to the Bal NY boutique. I think the feeling of walking in and buying a bag will be cloud 9 for me, as opposed to ordering it over the phone. Although, having the package wait on your front door ain't that bad either.

    Speaking of package waiting on the front door, my HH wallet came in. Yay!
  10. Nothing better than getting a package. Our mail guy at the office was telling me the other day that he feels like Santa Claus when he brings a package to my office.