Can anyone tell me about the Griet?

  1. I just ordered the mono canvas Griet yesterday from my local LV, and it should arrive within a week or so - I'm SO excited! I saw one in the store a few weeks back, and fell in love with the style. I read about the Griet on the LV website, and when I placed the order yesterday, my SA told me there are only 20 left in the US, that it's a limited bag. What does that mean? Approx. how many bags are made in a "limited" line? Any info on the Griet that you can share would be much appreciated! Thanks so much!! :yahoo:
  2. Anyone? :confused1:
  3. I don't have much info on the Griet....But, I do have a black MC Griet and I love it. :yahoo:It is a good size when you want/need to carry a lot and it has a great shape. From what I understand with LE's, they make one batch (I am sure that the# varies) and that's it. With the Griet, they made several versions....I believe three in canvas (mono, black MC, and Griet) and a Mirage with alligator trim). I think that they are all fabulous! Let us know how you like yours when you get it!
  4. I bought the Damier Griet, but it is too big and heavy for me... so I am letting it go :sad: but it is one GORGEOUS bag! Hate to say goodbye to it.. .:crybaby:
  5. I have the mono canvas griet...I love the bag because it big and roomy and I can carry it easily on my shoulder. The interior is absolutely beautiful; with nice compartments. It is a heavy bag but I don't mind that; a little girl will be overwhelmed by the Griet because of it's size. Congrats on your bag I'm sure you'll love it.
  6. I saw the Mirage version in the store and did not care for it because of that flap closure in the center of the bag. It was so cumbersome and in my way. If I cant get in to a bag easily then I dont like it.