Can anyone tell me about the Dr. Q tote?

  1. I tried doing a board search but 'Dr' is not allowed as a search term. :cursing:

    I am looking for a durable work bag and will have to carry a small laptop, cell, water bottle, book, etc. If you have seen this tote in real life, does it seem durable? The straps are thin so I wasn't sure if I'd be able to load it down like I will need to.

    Thanks guys!!!
  2. are you referring to the delancey or the groovee? here are pictures in case you don't know what i'm referring to:

    the groovee

    the delancey

    the groovee would be too small to fit all those things you listed and a laptop. it sounds like the delancey would be better for you as a work tote. that bag will fit your laptop, books, wallet, and a medium sized dog. :p the leather is very thick, and although the straps seem thin, it is very durable. hth!
  3. I'm actually talking about this one: