Can anyone tell me about Cole Haan?

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  1. A friend of mine was carrying a Cole Haan tote the other day and I found the leather pretty did seem heavy though. Just wondering if you can give me some thoughts on this brand and if it's worth checking out. Thanks.
  2. I love Cole Haan. Very well made bags in my opinion. The only thing I like better than Cole Haan bags are Cole Haan shoes!
  3. I'm a fan of Cole Haan, too. The leather is wonderfully soft and the construction is excellent. My bag isn't heavy at all - at least, compared to my Marc Jacobs. You can get good deals on them on the CH website, on SmartBargains. com, or at places like Marshall's and TJMaxx. I got a terrific deal on mine during Bloomingdale's sale back in May.
  4. I have had three cole haan bags and now i'm down to one being that i gave the other 2 in immaculate condition to my bf's mom. they are very durable, very well made and worth every dollar. good thing is that you don't have to get them at full price, they usually always found on sale. the only bag i had a problem with was the dome satchel ( tobacco colored bag kate hudson is forever using) the bag was very heavy for the handles.
  5. They are gorgeous, beautifully made bags. I have one that I love. High quality leathers, great prices for such great bags.
    Definitely check them out.
  6. I have a Cole Haan with relatively thick, pebbled leather that has gotten much softer over time. It's not very heavy to carry at all. Even the braided handles are breaking in nicely. One thing I like about the design of CH bags is that they are more classic than trendy. And yes, you should not have to pay retail as I see them everywhere on sale (just saw some at Filene's Basement).
  7. Huge huge fan of Cole Haan!
  8. I think the quality and details are outstanding. I had a Village hobo in cream but that was a wrong purchase color for me so I had to ebay it. Otherwise, it was a gorgeous, well made bag. I found mine at TJMaxx for a steal. Check there for Cole Haan bags.
  9. I don't have any but have looked at them many times. I think the quality is very good. If you have a chance to get to one of their outlet stores when they have a sale or coupon you can get a great deal. Last month I was looking at some that they had for extra 20% off...bringing them to approx $200. Same bag at Loehmann's right now is $259...(and Loehmann's prices are usually very good).
  10. Cole Haan makes great everyday bags. Most of his bags feature very sturdy and soft leather.
  11. I heard their shoes are really comfortable ..
  12. I have a Cole Haan aerin satchel that I got for a steal at TJMaxx. Very impressed with the quality and style of the bag.
  13. I love Cole Haan. I have tons of their shoes, they last forever and come in narrows. I also have the large triple zip satchel in the pewter. LOVE IT! I've been carrying her for 6 months straight and she still looks brand new. I get tons of compliments on it. My poor Koobas are starting to feel neglected.
  14. I have the Genevieve Triangle in marigold. The interior straps drive me crazy, but the braided shoulder straps are soft and pliable which makes carrying the bag very comfortable.
  15. I have 3 Cole Haans. They have very supple leathers, and are very well made.