Can anyone tell if this is an authentic ramona??

  1. after reading robynbenz's great deal experience on eBay, i decided to browse a bit myself! :nogood: and found this ramona at a great beginning price. the seller doesn't have the best score on her feedback, but i didn't see anything really negative as a red flag. i already emailed her to find out if she still has the receipt from her purchase and if she offers full refunds for authenticity. anyway, i know several of you gals have ramona's, so i'm wondering if you can tell from the photos if this is authentic or not? :confused1:
  2. Sorry, Not even close:push:

    Be sure to post these questions in the top of the JC thread under the "Authenticate this"
    We all try to respond to these as quickly as possible:tup:
  3. thanks, robyn! do you know if there's a way i can move this thread so that it's in the "authenticate this" forum?
    and on a side note...can you share with me some of the tipoffs that clued you in that this one was a fake?? i'm not too familiar with the ramonas, so i had no idea what to look for. :shrugs:
  4. I looked at this one too...asked her to send me pics of both nameplates. No response. I find the sellers who are selling authentic post lots of pictures or are very willing to do so when asked.
  5. Robynbenz - I am baffled by your response. I just bought a red Ramona at Nordstrom today. I compared mine to this one and it sure looks real. Of course, if there was never a blue bag, that would explain it. But mine has the same grommet pattern, lining, zipper pull, etc. Please let me know, as my eyes cannot tell the difference. What are you looking at that tells you instantly it is fake? BTW - I would never buy a I get my bags from reputable stockists. Thanks in advance. My Ramona is my first Jimmy Choo and I love it!!!
  6. First of all, take a look at the thread above. (What to look for in a fake Ramona & Riki) The main give away is the placement of the JIMMY CHOO engraving on the gold locking closure. Not in the correct spot even for such a small photo, second of all the lack of photo showing the lilac tag with the actual Jimmy Choo font is a major give away. That is where you can weed 99% of the fakes out. Finally, the lack of response to questions is another way to weed out sellers.
  8. yes, i agree! it seems to me that the authentic sellers respond pretty quickly, have lots of photos, and answer their email questions regarding the bag...i emailed this gal asking her if she could provide the receipt for the bag and if she gave money back guarantees to her claim of authenticity...and never heard back from her! :tdown: seems that is a red flag! not to mention, robyn, ms. chooaholic also confirms it is a fake. i wish i were as choo-savvy as robyn so i could browse the eBay items. but for now, i remain veeeerrry cautious. just sucks that there are so many dishonest people out there!:yucky:
  9. You know the way I figured out how to determine fakes (and it it mostly pertains to the bags I've owned or currently own) is by trial and error. I have had the misfortune of purchasing fakes by mistake on ebay, but I have always purchased through sellers who accept paypal and have a return policy.
    I have had a Riki & Ramona in my hands at the same time I have had authentic ones purchased from SFA or the JC Boutique. I took photos and made a ton of notes to document the differences, but is gets really easy once you know where to look. My problem is with some of the older styles, but the Lilac tag is always a give away (the font) and on all the "R" Series with the gold locking closure is another major give away with the font placement. It also helps to have all these wonderful ladies who can also help out with their input. Just study the photos and ask questions, it will get easier!:tup:
  10. If I were to ever question a bag, I would absolutely ask for Robyn's assistance. But I have found that I can weed out quite a few bags just by the front closure on the Riki/Ramona bags at least as a start.

    The thing I like about the Jimmy Choo logo is that the "H" is distinctive. The bar that goes across the middle of the "H" is higher than a normal H would be. But not on the fakes. The "H" looks like an H that you would type on a keyboard not a Choo "H". Kwim? Check out Robyn's photos and you'll see what I mean! :yes:
  11. The seller of that navy ramona finally got back to me and sent better pics of the front metal plate. FAKE! No question...good eye Robyn! But she did say the bag was in beautiful condition!:roflmfao::roflmfao: