can anyone suggest an everyday bag?

  1. i need a black bag for everyday use that looks stylish and put together.any suggestions please. i need a medium size bag and it can be a satchel or shoulder bag or carryall etc.thanks
  2. How about a black leather belted ergo hobo??? I SERIOUSLY love these bags!!!!!!
  3. mommyville is it roomy enough ?
  4. I would suggest a black leather Penelope. I wish I could take a pic for you, but a friend borrowed it today for an interview.
    ***Update, there is a pic in my collection link in the signature line. It is the black bag in update 6.

    It is style 10581 and I LOVE it!!!
  5. It comes in medium and large....I have the medium in tobacco, and it holds all my stuff w/ room to spare! Check out our Ergo Club thread for pics!!! You cant go wrong w/ any ergo as an everyday, comfy, adorable bag!!! :tup:
  6. Ergo Medium!

    It's really affordable.. Super roomy! Cute!!! :biggrin:
  7. YES....the siggy ergo medium is ADORABLE as well!!!!! and I think it's still available in black for $188!!!! Check out our ergo club thread, please!!!! You will get plenty of great ideas!!!!
  8. I love the signature stripe collection. The black/gunmetal is gorgeous! It is so classy and yet hip because of the glittery stripe. If you aren't a fan of that bag then you can't go wrong with a medium black signature or black leather Carly. This is the IT bag now. Let us know what you decide!
  9. thanks girls. everyone here is so sweet and helpful and i know i always get good suggestions when i ask for help.thanks, u girls are wonderful
  10. can leather carly be worn as an everyday bag?
  11. I am a Bleecker Flap fan. A black leather Large Bleecker Flap is a beautiful, comfortable mid-sized bag. It is easy to access while it is on your shoulder, so you don't have to take it off to dig in it! It is slightly structured, but not terribly so, so it can go with a multitude of outfits. Plus, the leather is beautiful and wears well. It is the best-designed bag Coach has made in a long time IMO!
  12. I wear mine as an everyday bag...I'm in love w/ my Carlys:love:
  13. The medium leather Carly's can be an everyday bag. I foundthe large to be too heavy to use everyday.
  14. medium carly or medium ergo signature. i love these two