can anyone suggest a good SA at Saks?

  1. ..who I can call to help me track some things down during the gift certificate event? thanks !
  2. Our DJO -- Damien at Saks in Bala Cynwyd PA.
  3. ^YEP..he gets me all my bags.
    call 1-610-667-1550 ext 258,he is there tomorrow(im pickin up a new bag from him...hehe!)
  4. Yes, absolutely Damian. He's the best!!!:yahoo:
  5. I realy like mila at Neiman Marcus 973-912-0080-ex2163
    she is so sweet
  6. susan from the Saks at nyc is helping me. she's really sweet too.
  7. Joseph at Saks NYC. Sweetest SA ever and his packages come to you like xmas gifts! boxed, ribboned, and a Chanel sample at the bow... without request!
  8. He is wonderful!
  9. she helped me get my first this ECG event!! she's amazing..
  10. isn't she wonderful? i just saw her! i got my watch and a couple bags and my watched needed to be resized and she stayed with me the entire 1.5 hrs i was there to make sure everything went well. i told her that she should go attend to her customers (it was an absolute zoo there!) and i could wait by myself but she insisted on staying with me. what customer service!!!!!
  11. Another vote for Damian:tup:. He is amazingly wonderful. Very friendly and helpful.
  12. Just picked my bag up from Damian-he is so nice and very helpful.He makes shopping a pleasure!
  13. Travis from Saks portland oregon. He is very nice.
    he also works at cosmetic.
  14. i've worked with joseph and he is really great!