Can anyone suggest a good cell phone?

  1. Short and sweet-- my cell phone was stepped on last night by my drunk friend and now I have to buy a new one.

    I am not very knowledgeable about phones, I usually get the free with contract ones.

    Can anyone suggest a good phone? Nothing fancy or over $200 bucks and I would like it to be flip.

    Does anyone have the Razr V3i? I saw some on eBay for about $170, they looked newer then the V3s but I don't want to buy a phone blind.

    Thanks in advance!! :cutesy:
  2. I have not heard good things about RAZRs. Several people I know had theirs start malfunctioning after just a couple of months. I just got the LG Chocolate newest edition and it is so awesome, I love it. It is a slide phone, and I always wanted a flip, but I think this one is great, you should check it out.
  3. i HATED my razor! it always gave me problems -- and most peope who i talk to about them don't like there's either!

    my co-worker just got the krazor and she really likes it! it's pretty basic .. and i don't think too expensive! .. sorry, i'm really not too knowlegeable about cell phones, my self! .. hope i helped a little!


    good luck!
  4. I always recommend Nokias. Any of them!! I've had several and they're very sturdy (which comes in handy for a klutz like me). As for brands to avoid, Sony Ericsson and Motorola are horrible, for me. I have trouble figuring the menus out and they break easily. Hope that helps!
  5. ^ im going to have to disagree with missmustard and recommend Sony Ericsson - my cell phone of choice. I've been using their phones for years, and cant recommend them enough.
  6. I hate my RAZR...
  7. wow..guess the razr is not a good idea..

    anyone have a samsung blackjack?
  8. Don't get a Razr. I had one & it went bad in a year so they replaced it & within a month that one started acting up! I got the new chocolate & love it.
  9. Samsung phones are among the best i've used, and they have a giant range from people who just want a phone to people who want to use their phones as a high tech thingy. They also last for years and withstand lots of trauma. I've dropped mine off the top of a ferris wheel and it still worked.
  10. My Sony Ericsson has been solid as a rock. Dropped a bazillion times and still works like a charm every time. It is time for me to upgrade and I have been looking at the iPhone. I know if I drop that then it will not be pretty!!!

    Oh and I was looking at the Blackjack too. My hubby was set on getting it but when we got to the store I pointed out to him that his big fingers would not do to well on those tiny keys.
  11. I just got this LG in hot pink (also comes in silver), and so far so good (but I didn't need anything fancy and am not very hard on my phones). Too bad I didn't get it for 99 cents, though! It's simple and slim, which is what I was looking for.
  12. i highly recommend samsung phones, i have the A900 and i've been using it for about a year. i had two samsung phones before this one as well, and they were both excellent with no problems. if i was looking for a smartphone, the samsung blackjack would be my first choice. i've seriously dropped my phone a million times, usually on asphalt or concrete, and have never had it so much as turn off from being dropped.

    i also work at an electronics store, so i hear a good number of reviews on cell phones. i would NOT buy a motorola - i don't know a single person who made it through their two-year contract without having to buy a full-price replacement for their Razr. i also find their menus kind of odd and confusing, whereas Samsung's seem really intuitive and logical to me.
  13. another vote for samsung, and the next will be nokia.
  14. First off...who's your provider? Some phones won't even work on Sprint/Verizon, so I'd need to know that info first.
  15. I like Samsung z400 and the prada phone, also sony erricssons are good nt sure how to spell it though