Can anyone spot which season this bag is from?

  1. I just saw this bag on the offical dior site..
    Never seen it before and i want to know when it was released before finding a way to purchase it.

    anyone have an idea? THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. as far as i can see from the pic it is current season and should be avilable in Dior boutiques :yes:
  3. It's current season, and in dior boutiques right now. I think it's about 690 USD for the small one.
  4. i think it's called the dior lovely line. and yup, like both nat & jeslyn mentioned, it's the current season.
  5. Oooo Thanks soo much = ) u guys are fasT!!!
  6. Definitely current season
  7. Definitly this season, anyone konw if there is a red?
  8. there's only black, pink and white =P