Can anyone speak/read Spanish - translate?

  1. Can anyone translate this for me?

    I bought this postcard on ebay. It's from 1905 and of one of my favorite places. I'd like to know what the handwritten message says.

  2. I speak, read and write Spanish, but the picture is too small for me to see what the handwritten message says. Can you attach a larger photo? If you want to send me an even larger file that will be too big to attach, PM me and I can give you my email :smile:
  3. It came out small but I could email to whoever thinks they could help.
  4. You can PM me as well. I read and write in spanish.:yes:
  5. You already have two offers, but I speak and read Spanish as well if you need some extra help.
  6. I wish I could speak another language besides English. Being bilingual is quite an accomplishment.

    I'm returning to Italy this year for the 2nd time so I'm trying to learn Italian using the Pimsler CD. It's easy to learn but hard to remember since I have no one to practice with.
  7. Talk to yourself for practice! LOL, I'm serious. I speak English (duh), Russian, Spanish and French. It's gets confusing, and words get forgotten so I talk to myself all the time in another language.

    In the car, in the shower, walking to work, I have conversations in my head or out loud in the car. I think of a situation like I'm going to the market to buy a gift for someone and I speak both parts. It's an excellent (if slightly insane) way to practice!

    Also, reciting poetry. Pick up a book of poems in Italian (kids' poems are awesome for this because they rhyme and the words are easy). Memorize the poem. Not only will you learn new words, it will help with pronounciation and understanding the flow of the language.
  8. Thanks for the tip, Jill. I'll try that. It must be getting into my brain because the last trip to the grocery store I said 'scusi' to the person blocking the aisle. I didn't even realize it until a minute later.

    I guess my postcard is not written in Spanish afterall. I'm going to start a new thread asking if someone can translate Portuguese.

    Since you figured out the first sentence as

    "The sea is agitated by the winds" I know you must be correct. Crane Beach is still agitated by the winds 100 years later, so that makes sense.

    Thanks again to all for your efforts.