Can anyone show me the real potiron colour?

  1. Hi everyone,

    Does anyone have a potiron colour in any birkin, kelly or lindy? I am abit confused with the original orange H colour. They look similar aren't they? In some photos i have seen the potiron colour has a bit of gold tint. I've seen a potiron clemence Lindy IRL at H store but I want to know your opinion if the colour actually better in other type of leather. Will potiron colour match just any outfit colour?

    Thanks heaps
  2. Have you checked out this reference thread?

    It's probably not immediately apparent in the pictures even if you have seen that thread. Potiron is also known as pumpkin colour; more subdued. Orange on the other hand is bright and cheery.

    There were old threads comparing the 2 tones of orange. I think if you do a archive search, you would probably locate not one but a few of them.

    IMO, potiron is a better neutral than orange.
  3. Thanks alot mrssparkles

    I'll check out the threads now

    Has the colour been popular?

    Can i ask you a question, how much is a birkin in singapore? Is there a good chance the get one from there? Has anyone been lucky to get the birkin without in the waiting list?
  4. ^^ You're welcome.

    Yes, to what I know, potiron has been a very popular "bright" colour more so than say, vert anis. People generally take to orange better than green. I don't know why :shrugs:

    Regarding price of a birkin .... what leather and what size?

    I find it hard to answer your other questions. I can only say that the stores here do not put birkins on the shelves for walk-ins. Sorry that I can't be more explicit than this :sweatdrop:

  5. MrsS you did a great job in helping here...what more can anyone say?
  6. In addition to the wealth of info you'll find in the reference thread, I wanted to add a little something to confuse you even more! ( kidding!)
    When I first noticed (what was soon to become )MY potiron bolide in the H store, I thought it was GOLD! I asked the SA to show my the beautiful GOLD bolide in the case. The lighting in the store gave the bag this "glow", so that I completely confused the color. The point is potiron is an amazing color that can seem to change depending on lighting and what you are wearing with it. Photo's cant always convey its versatility. I hope you can see a few for real and you'll see what I mean. By the way, my bag is togo.
    Good luck!
  7. mrssparkles,

    I mean just a basic leather like togo, clemence or epsom... how much roughly over there?

    I find SA in Changi airport are very very nice and welcome ... but they say they didn't stock birkin there and suggest me to go to the one in Liat Tower or takashimaya building.
  8. Thats what i meant .... I feel potiron has a gold tint ... so in certain lighting, i can see it a little bit shiny ...
  9. wait a minute .... maybe i saw the potiron in swift leather so thats why its a bit shiny :smile:
  10. Like this >>

  11. ^ IRL, the color is more saturated, deeper and less bright.
  12. YESSS!!! I agreed with you ... kind of different from your JPG potiron?
    Is the swift more expensive that clemence or togo? scratch resistant?
  13. My irl friend has a Poitiron in togo, mine is Orange in Togo and MrsS has an orange in Clemence.

    I would say the color gets brighter from the sequence above. Hope this helps :p
  14. I think Amada's avatar is really close to the true Potiron COlor, IRL it maybe is slightly more brown