Can anyone show me pics of Dark silver baby cabas? How do yo like it?

  1. Does anyone get the dark silver baby cabas? Can you show me the pics, please? How do you like it?
    My SA just called that my dark silver baby cabas has come, I am wondering if I should get it, or wait for the black cabas. Or just give up both.

    Comments and pics please!!! Thanks!!!
  2. hi, i looked through the ref thread and no dark silver. did you do a search for a thread of a member that got one and posted pics?:shrugs: i'd try that. good luck! it's very pretty.....
  3. there is one in the shopping thread, i think it was posted by chanelboy
  4. I saw it two days ago and had the chance of buying it (my SA thought it was my hopes up for nothing). It's a very neutral color. It looked okay but it's not my cup of tea. It seemed kind of irridescent. Between these two, I woudl prefer the black but that's just my opinion (and I'm the one with seven black bags lol).
  5. i don't actually have the bag. i just attached the picture taken by chanelboy for you to see what it looks like. however, i did see it IRL and i did care much for the color. i prefer the black. ;)