Can Anyone Show Me Inside of Trouville?

  1. Hi. I heard that the trouville is a makeup bag but I want to know if you can use it to hold other more practical things. If anyone has any pictures I would love to see them. Thanks :heart:
  2. trying searching on eBay for it.... it think i saw it there one time. it has 2 compartments on the inside of each side of the bag. You can soooo use it for more than just make up.
  3. Actually I just got the trouville a couple weeks ago, I can post a pic of the inside for you. I think the make-up bag is the deauville. It's a little bigger and has compartments and elastics for holding makeup items.

    Here is the pic:
  4. Ah! please get a pen case! I've heard so many nightmare stories about pens exploding..:sad:

  5. I know your right!!! I really haven't thought of that but I definatly need one!!! Thanks!:yes:
  6. yes it is..
  7. I love it.
  8. here is the inside of the mono trouville.

  9. the trouville, my mom has it and she uses it as a make up kit.

    like when we travel overseas and what not.
  10. I like the Deauville just cause it's bigger. It has a nice interior. I just saw both sizes this past Friday.
  11. Such a beautiful bag! My speedy 30 is such a mess inside, this is a great bag for organized purse people!
  12. The make up case is the deauville, bigger than the trouville and has elastic holders. I just got one but I don't really use the elastic holders, just the pockets. I have to admit that the deauville is heavy to carry though, even when empty.

    I planned on using it to travel but man, after I loaded that baby with 3 pairs of jeans and shirts, makeup, was so freakin heavy!!! I hate myself for it but now i'm reconsidering b/c a simple nylon bag would be so much lighter.
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