Can Anyone Show Me A Picture of Very Prives Blue/Black?

  1. Does anyone have the Very Prives in blue/black patent preferably with gold tip?

    Just want to see what they look lke on the foot - are they really blue or more black?

    Thanks! xx
  2. babypie has the blue karey's a pic from the outfit thread:

  3. Look great! Still hard to tell if they are very blue IRL or just because of flash? xxx
  4. I have the numero prives.

    Here are photos of the actual shoes I had on my laptop. I will try to take some modeling photos for you later.

    I pretty much have reserved them for my navy dresses and outfits, but I think they would look fine w/ black. I just haven't done it yet. :p

    Loubies 009.jpg
  5. Oh look, my feet!! :lol:

    To answer your question, the blue is not overly noticeable, which IMO is good. My foot that's sticking up appears brighter because of the flash, the foot on the ground is a better representation of what they look like on. Well at least at night which is the only time I've worn them.

    They go with many outfits that I could jusct as easily wear black shoes with. The blue give the shoes a bit more flair, but I pretty much think of them as one of my black shoes.
  6. They are so cute.
  7. Thanks girls that helps a lot :smile:

  8. I think you got already all the help needed, but I add a pic (it's not very clear) but hope it helps. I agree with babypie they go really well with black and dark blue or even jeans. The blue isn't that noticible but makes it look special.

  9. Thanks catcat!

  10. my holy grail shoe....