can anyone see a difference...(ro)?

  1. of the shade of patina between the handle and the tab?

    i just applied wet Mr. Clean Magic Eraser (original) on it...and let it dry...this is before conditioning. i feel the handle is lighter than the tab, but dear bf thinks they look the same

    and twinkle.twink, this doesn't work on the dirt (as see in close to the upper left hand corner)

    i'm sorry i haven't been posting at all recently. major dilemma at home.

  2. It's a slight little bit of honey color to the tab. ^^;

    Not really noticeable unless you really concentrate. O_O
  3. It's a slight difference but yes the handle is a bit lighter.
  4. there is a tab of difference but nothing major.
  5. I think they look pretty much the same! Honestly, you'd have to sit and stare to see a difference, if there is any. Looks good, IMO.
  6. I don't see much of a difference...
  7. Maybe it's the lighting... the "outer" tab is a bit lighter than the "inner" tab; whereas the handle patina is of similar shade of the outer tab

    Or maybe it's just my eyes are so tired now, so I am seeing all funny
  8. Yes, I can see a small difference. The Magic Eraser is really harsh and I don't know why or how people started using it on LV's delicate vachetta. The chemicals in it (which are not even listed, as I recall) are very, very drying, so what you see might look like it's cleaner but is more like skinning that surface. If you use it more, you will notice the leather getting dry and pasty looking.

    Pretty bag, just as it is.
  9. the reason why i have to use it is because it's quite dirty as it's "new" to me..
  10. You don't have to use it, really you don't. You wouldn't knowingly use a product that is going to give you a bad result eventually, I'm sure. This will. If you want to clean, use a little Apple Care (the conditioner only, not the cleaner). It is gentle AND produced specifically for cleaning delicate/naked leather. It is not produced for taking magic markers off painted walls, like ME is. Just a helpful tip, since you asked about whether the difference is visible. It is, but my point was, that is not such a good thing in this case. Enjoy your new LV.
  11. I can't see the difference
  12. Is that does or doesn't work on dirt? I think you mean I think the handles looks a bit lighter.

    Jelly V, I have had outstanding results with the magic eraser on vachetta...yes it ca be a bit drying, but a couple of spays with conditioner and that is gone. I have treateated horrible water spots, scuffs and extreme personally I swear by it as a vachetta cleaner.
  13. ^^^opps, had to had, I have not had good luck with Apple guard at all, I think it is much too heavy and can be splotchy and streaky
  14. Apple Guarde is the rain protectant spray, and that is not what I meant. It is the Apple Care leather conditioner. You don't mean that you've found that to be heavy and streaky , do you? That would be surprising to hear. ME is nearly like putting bleach on the naked leather. If it works for you, great, but it's a bunch of chemicals that were not designed for leather care, unlike the Apple product. Would be great if LV made a product for treating and cleaning the leather!
  15. Yes, I really dislike the conditioner. It is has left my vachetta very splotchy, no matter how light I have applied it. And the ME, is nothing like bleach...infact, the repair specialist at VF is the one who reccommended it to me (off the record) and is what they use for scuffs and marks.