Can anyone remember what leather for pink Roxy?

  1. mmm,looks like darwin to me too,I'm not sure about the Roxy ever being in glove,I think its shape and structure rely on the sturdiness of darwin,I could be totally wrong though!!
  2. Thanks Chaz, what's leather is your pink Bayswater?
  3. The rose roxanne is matt glove. The one in the photo is lavender darwin. It looks to be the lavender from the faulty dye batch though, rather than the correct dye batch. Some of the first lavender items produced were a little more wishy-washy than the correct lavender, and those items were only sold in Mulberry's secondary retail outlets, eg Selfridges, House of Fraser etc, and in the outlets, not in their own stand alone stores.
  4. Wow :dothewave: now that's knowing your stuff, I emailed the seller and got a curt reply, but I'm not keen if it was a dodgy colour. Thanks for the help :tup:
  5. Is this bag actually lavender? Oops, never mind it took me forever to post this reply.
  6. Jazzy Jay...You amaze me. How do you know so much about Mulberry?
  7. My apologies in takin so long!!! My Bayswater is glove leather,it feels a lot softer than darwin,and I love it!!!:love:
  8. Many thanks, I remember the pics you posted of it and that was why this Roxy didn't seem quite right, yours is a much better colour, I would love it too :heart: