Can anyone relate to this?

  1. It would be nice to hear I am not alone in this.

    I always need to lose some weight. Usually around 20 lbs. This is not me trying to be vain, this is my doctor telling me that I am at risk of diabetes if I don't lose a little weight. Not because I am obese, but because I have family history and borderline diabetes my whole life, regardless of weight.

    So, I start a diet, fail. Repeat about 10 times. Finally, somehow, I find my willpower and actually start losing weight by cutting calories and exercising. As I start to see results, I gradually eat less and less and exercise more and more. I end up losing 25 lbs in 4-6 weeks. Around the 6 week mark, I am exausted and hungry and start eating a little more, exercising a little less and gradually gain it all back. Back to square one.

    Yo-yo dieting is really bad for you and I have gained and lost 25-30 lbs. at least 4 times since I have been an adult. (I am 30 yrs old now.)

    So do you relate to this? Takes forever to find the willpower, when you do find it you take it too far and push your body too hard, then relax a little and it all comes back?

    I am in the Need to Go on a Diet phase right now, but unwilling to even try until I can do it right. I KNOW exactly how to do it in a healthy way. But my personality doesn't let me after a certain point.
  2. Your so not alone. You just wrote my story. So again, I am trying to loose 15-20lbs. So we'll see. Major pain in the butt!!
  3. Oh YES! This is me right now. My metabolism is so messed up due to years of Bulimia. I am okay with watching what I eat, but my weaknesses are margaritas and other yummy alcoholic drinks in the summer. Also, I am at a catch 22; it feels crappy to excercise but yet I need to excercise in order to feel better.

    I have lost and gained 25 lbs over the past 6 years. It makes me so miserable. My poor children are dying to go to the pool or beach but I am so embarrassed that I let myself go like this that I do not want to be seen in public; much less in a bathing suit.

    You are NOT alone!!
  4. Thanks kimmie and Becca!

    Sometimes I think the reason I love handbags so much is because they always fit, not matter what my size. And a great bag makes you look good in any outfit. It's like an instant confidence boost to carry a gorgeous bag.
  5. Yo-yo dieting will never work... most diets never work long term. You have to have to *have to* think of it as a lifestyle change. Don't starve yourself- don't work out too much, you have to fuel your body and exercise. It is simple (but so hard all at once!!). Your body has to get used to a lifestyle of healthy eating, not starving yourself, etc! You can do it!! If you would like any tips or pointers, never hesitate to PM me!! :flowers:
  6. Thanks so much, Megs. You are a doll!
  7. That is so funny you say that about bags fitting!! Just yesterday my mom-in-law were clothes shopping and I yelled over the fitting room door, " I hate everything Im trying on!!" "See why I love purses, they always fit"!!. Hey, Becca, well, I refuse to deprive my kids and myself of the pool and beach oh and of the river.... so....... what works best for me is a pair of boardshorts and a tankini top. You should try it. Being 36 and 3 kids later, I refuse to wear a bikkini any way:roflmfao:
  8. Yeah, we live near a gorgeous lake and own a nice boat, so I have to get out there and enjoy it. I am self conscious of my Double D twins as well as my weight. I wear a simple navy blue one piece with a pair of navy board shorts over it. Works great for swimming, those shorts dry out quickly. Even if I was thin, I would probably wear something similar. That's just me.
  9. I have a thyroid condition so weight is a big battle for me. Frustrating and annoying to say the least.

    I wish I could afford a personal trainer until i was at my goal, then just see them once a week I'd be ok.

    My issue is getting to the gym right now. The cost of the membership, and with the price of gas right now its insane. I have a gym that is within walking distance but they dont have up to date machines and anything i'd use. I've tried. I got spoiled when i started going to the gym, I went to the top gym in my area and now have issues with others that are cheaper. They just dont seem to have the equipment i like and that works for me.

    So here i sit feeling like crap :sad:..

    You're not the only one that does the yo-yo diet. We need to bond together and help eachother.