Can anyone relate to this??

  1. After buying your first LV, were you thinking right away about what one you would buy next?? Now that I just bought my first LV (Mono Speedy 30) all I can think about is how much I can't wait to buy an MC Speedy!! I guess I just need to contain myself for a while and enjoy the one that I have, right?? :P
  2. When I first got into designer items I went CRAZY!!

    I bought a LV speedy, a wallet, a Coach purse, a Gucci purse and a bunch of designer clothing all within a month!!

    After that I sort of settled down but have since bought another LV.

    I agree soon as you get one you start looking for the's quite addictive!! :P
  3. Yea, we all think that way.......enjoy the one we have. That lasts for about 35 minutes!!! Then your already thinking , hmmmm, what bag would I like now??? We all try to fight it, then you just give in....
  4. I think we're all like that. I dont think it matters how many you have you're always wondering /looking for that next bag :smile:
  5. So many bags, so little time!
  6. Yes, that is why all of us are on this forum! We are all addicted! I have a running list of LV bags that I want - as I check off the ones I buy, more goes on the list!
  7. We all do/did that :amuse:
    I bought my last LV ~5 days ago and I was thinking about the next on the same evening. :Push::shame:
  8. I am so guilty of this! :lol:
  9. It's an addiction - and this site makes it worse!
  10. Yes, it's an addiction. After I get the bag I want it's on to the next one. My excuse is "I'm need an everyday bag":biggrin: Few bags later, I'm still looking...:lol:
  11. Yes...this site makes my addiction WORSE!!! I find myself buying things I never really thought about until I see it here, or read about it! This should be called the shoppaholic
  12. I have the same mentality:P
  13. Absolutely!!!
  14. OK well it's safe to say that like we all think alike on this! Good to know I'm not alone. I'm glad I have you all to tell my secret to, because my DH would think I'm crazy if I told him I already have my eye on the next designer bag!!
  15. OMG I need to be a member of handbags anonymous!! I just got my monogram Speedy 35 on Wednesday and I am already lusting after the Cabas Mezzo tote!
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