Can anyone recommend something for PMT?

  1. I would really like to try something for PMS, and I was talking to a girlfriend last night about Chinese Medicine which she tried, but she had to cook them and she said the smell was so bad, she couldn't take it. Has anyone had success using vitamins, or anything else natural?
  2. What aspects of PMS are you trying to alleviate? Bloat, cravings, cramps?
  3. I get definite cravings for chocolate and starch 7-10 days before, but the worst part is feeling less patient and short tempered about a week before my period starts. Also am prone to a headache either during ovulation or on the first day of a period.It has definitely got worse aftrer each pregnancy, and my gaenacologist has recommended fitting a ' marina' coil which I am nervous to do, as I don't like the thought of something not natural inside me.
  4. Oh, thats a tuff one. If you had said, how do I get rid of bloat I could help you with that but I too suffer from crazy sugar and starch cravings, crankiness and moodiness. I have no idea how to get rid of the cravings other than to give in to them!

    Seriously though, one thing I have noticed that if my diet is PERFECT around that time, protein, veggies, no soda, no bad fats etc... and I am excercising regularly it really helps alleviate ALL the symptoms of PMS, including the moodiness and the cravings.
  5. Thank you. I will try to exercise more, but I am not an exercise lover. I should cut back on the starch and chocolate, but so hard to do it! What about any vitamins? and what do you think about the coil?
  6. I dont know anything about the coil, never heard of it.

    This is from a womens health website, some things to help alleviate sympypms:


    Changes in a woman's diet and lifestyle may help relieve the symptoms of PMS. Here are some things that research has shown may improve PMS symptoms:
    • aerobic exercise
    • a complex carbohydrate diet that involves whole grains like brown flour and rice
    • vitamin supplements of calcium, magnesium and/or vitamin E
    Other changes in a woman's diet may help, such as eating more fruits and vegetables or eating less:
    • fat
    • sugar
    • salt
    • caffeine
    • alcohol
    Some women have found herbs such as evening primrose oil or chasteberry helpful.

    For women with serious symptoms, particularly mood changes, a group of antidepressant drugs known as SSRIs may be useful.

    Birth-control pills are sometimes prescribed to treat PMS to increase hormone levels. This is for women with primarily physical symptoms. There is little evidence to support this approach.
  7. That is very kind of you to look it up, and I will also look at some vitamins /herbs too.

    Many thanks
  8. I have tried the chasteberry and the primrose w/out any luck but that doesn't mean it won't work for you. My PMS definitely got worse after I had my kids....much worse. Exercise is really a big help.
  9. My husband likes to make teas. St John's Wart, valarian root, and kava kava. He buys the herbs fresh and boils them in water. I find St John's and Kava Kava have the most calming effect.
    Exercise helps too.
    I don't know when I am having PMS, because I have my ovaries, but no uterus. Sometimes I just feel irritated.
  10. the best vitamins for me have been B6 + B12 & Evening primrose oil...

    the excercise also helps......
  11. Teas, heating pads, exercise, exercise, exercise!
  12. Thank you all, and will update if something works very well for me that I can recommend to you.
  13. I agree with people above.

    Exercise Exercise!!

    My PMS was so bad I would gain 10 pounds average before my period and I had to so go the emergency service in college several times because the painkillers couldn't control my cramps and I would hyperventilate.

    I swear I completely got rid of cramps, bloat, and *****iness, by excercising and low carb low sodium diet.