Can anyone recommend polarized sunglasses for men?

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  1. I'm considering Oakleys, but am wondering if there are other high-performance sunglass options out there for men. Any thoughts? Thanks!
  2. there's a lot available brand of polarized sunglasses...
    like armani, rayband , christian dior, D&G.. It depends to your style..
  3. We live in Florida and all the men wear the same glasses!! Costa del mar. They are the best ever. If you get a scratch on the lense they will replace it for free. Actually they will repair any thing that does wrong with them That is a nice perk however, the guys around here will not walk outside without them. They really take the glare of the sun away (they all spend hours on the water so this is important) They truly are the best.
  4. Interesting... I'll look into that brand. Thanks so much!
  5. Hmmm.... Costa del mars seem to be designed for boating and other water activities. The person I'm buying the sunglasses for is an avid golfer. I'll probably need to keep looking, as the lens requirements will be different. Thanks again though! :tup:
  6. All true!! lol Like I said we live in Florida and surrounded by water...(fishing, water...etc..) however they sell them in the pro shop at the golf club to..they have a pair that has shades on the side as well..if you tried a pair on you would understand what I mean...every man I know loves them. (even the ones NOT in Florida) Anyway, GOOD LUCK!! Happy shopping!
  7. Young adults in LA seem to like Oakleys. Others sport Ray-Ban aviators. But I personally like Maui Jim because it sports polarized plus technology in the lenses so the wearer has protection from all sides instead of just from the top like Ray-Ban and Oakley's technology. Plus, they're extremely light. If you're looking for a Maui Jim for golfing, I would suggest the Paradise.
  8. If it's for golfing, I would suggest Oakleys with the interchangable lenses because you can change the lenses for different weather conditions/lightings. Maui Jim's have great lenses and so do Revo's as well. I guess it just all depends on if the sunglasses are going to be specifically for golf or for everyday use as well because the oakleys are quite sporty. It also depends on the person you are buying for and what they are looking for in the sunglass as well, other than just polarized...
  9. Raybans. That's what all the pilots wear.
  10. Oakleys has a specific polarized lens for golfing. My husband who golfs has them and loves them.
  11. Ray Ban are the sexiest sunglasses for guys. Hands down.
  12. OAKLEYS are so hip and POLARIZED! Love em and you will too!
  13. I love the dvb aviators that David Beckham has been sporting on his website. I think it's masculine and has a tad of drama in it that makes it look so cool!
  14. Okleys are junk. I suggest something from Persol or Rayban. I love my Persols (think like what James Bond wears).