Can anyone recommend me a SA ?

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  1. I am looking to purchase a diorama , however I don't have any diors in my state . Can anyone pm me their sa information? Thanks :)
  2. I had the same situation and I " phone interviewed" 4 from all corners of the US. I loved Hannah at Saks in Atlanta, Georgia and I bought my only two Dior bags ( a Medium Lady Dior and a large Promenade Pouch) in February, then March. My next will be a Diorama, and I'll buy from Hannah! She's so helpful, full of advice/ suggestions and absolutely no pressure. She truly wants me to love what I choose!
  3. She sounds wonderful ! Can i have her contact number ? Thanks
  4. I sent you a message!
  5. Hi I live in Atlanta and have worked with Bamboo on multiple occasions. She works in the Dior store so is very knowledgeable. She has been so patient with me and helped me get my HG bag this week. If you want her contact let me know.
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    Theo in Dior at Saks in NYC.
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    I second this one...Theo is wonderful!!
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  8. I've shopped with Theo and he's very accomodating! He still sends me random pics of bags I may like; however, his tastes differ from mine. I found a SA in Georgia who really " gets" my bag preferences.
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    I just had the best experience with Anna at the Dior boutique in San Francisco. She spent days working with me to decide on a bag that I love, and sent me photos and prices whenever I needed them. I would highly recommend her as well!
  10. Can I have one of you guys' SA contact information? Thanks al lot!!! BTW I live on the west coast.