can anyone recommend me a good dermatologist or a facialist in the bay area?

  1. i've been suffering with acne here and there for the longest time. it'll clear up for a few months then breakout like crazy, gets better, leaves scars, clear up, breakout like crazy, there goes my cycle.

    i've tried a few dermatologist and one didn't help at all (a grumpy old man who absolutely didn't care) and now i'm taking doryx and use duac in the morning and "can't remember the name" cream at night. except i don't think they are working! it's gotten a lot better since i went in so the doctor thinks they are working but i know my skin and know it's time healing not these products.

    any one know of a good dermatologist around my area?

    or i thought about getting facials instead... any recommendations?
  2. Personally I drive down to Monterey to see Dr. Anne Rice but I am in the south bay.
    I'm not sure where you are, but if you are further north you might want to consider the Stanford Dermatology Clinic.
  3. i've been meaning to check out stanford... and you just made me want to! thanks!
  4. You're welcome. I hope they can clear it all up for you. :smile:
  5. Ask for Plexion cleanser, this is an RX facial cleanser for acne.

    Also a good facialist in San Francisco is the YELENA SPA
    Yelena San Francisco California Day Refresh Spa

    MELISSA KASTIL is the esthetician I have used there and she's excellent
  6. I've been to a few different dermatologists, tried Retin-A micro & few other products/pills. None of them really worked so I started using Proactiv & my skin is the best it's been in a long time. You have to be really religious w/ the system & use the mask. I also got their oil-free moisturizer for dry spots. If you haven't already I strongly recommend giving it a try. Plus I bought mine @ a kiosk in the mall & if you don't like it you have 2 months to return the used products. Nothing to lose!
  7. I go to Yelena for facials too. My esthetician is Oksana and she's fabulous! :yahoo: Not only does her deep pore extractions painless, but my face isn't even red afterwards.
  8. I can vouch for Dr. Reese too, he's great. But my regular dermatologist is a partner who is in the same practice as Dr. Reese - Dr. Monica Dahlem. She's very understanding and nice and never rushes me through appointments. The same goes for Dr. Herwick at that same practice, who is older than Reese and Dahlem and very, very nice. Basically everyone in that practice (perhaps the most well-known in San Francisco. It also includes Dr. Matarasso, who is often on TV) is awesome!
  9. I go to Sue Upton @ She is located in the Presidio on Sacramento Street in the Goldberry building. She is very clinical which is what I prefer. She used to be an esthetician at Dr. Welsh's office which is where I met her. Dr. Welsh is also a great derm doc as well and she is located on Sacramento Street too.