Can anyone recommend any restaurants in Las Vegas

  1. I am in the search of any restaurants, price is no object in that you have been to & or have good things about. Buffet recommendations would be great as well. Staying at The Bellagio so anything close by would be nice. Thx
  2. I have heard good things about Aureole, if you like wine they have a big wine cellar.
  3. Dh & I are foodies. What style of food are you looking for? Sky's the limit on pricing? Do you want 5 star dining or good value with decent food but not great. Tell me some of your favorite dishes.
    Will you have a car or using cabs?
    Bellagio & Wynn have the best buffets, not your normal buffet food.
  4. bouchon in the venetian....

    the asian cafe in the bellagio.... the chocolates in bellagio
  5. In terms of cuisine, I do not have a preference, I am looking for 4-5 star dining. I was hoping that I could just walk around Vegas to get to places but am not opposed to taking cabs. Thanks Vegas Long Legs
  6. The Bellagio has wonderful restaurants. You don't need to go off the strip, but sometimes people request a "local" experience. If you are interested in Thai, let me know. You'll need to take a cab & this place has been voted the best Thai restaurant in the country by chefs & magazines.
    Picasso & Prime are fabulous for special occasions! Jasmine's peking duck is the best in town. Fix & Sensi or Olives are wonderful too. Bubbles is right, you have to go to Jacque Torres for chocolate or gelato. It's behind the conservatory. Everything there is TDF.
    Guy Savoy has a place now at Caesars. Bradley Ogden at Caesars, Spagos for those nights when you are tired of 4-5 star dining. The Palm at Caesars has a unbeatable lobster special till Sept.
    Bouchon is wonderful, just ate there last night, very Parisian. Its at the Venetian. Mario Batalia has a restaurant at the Venetian. These are all within walking distance if you are young!
  7. Pisda, Very timely thread!! When are you going to Las Vegas? I'm going next week and staying at the Bellagio too. The two I have heard at the Bellagio are the Picasso and the Prime, as Vegas Long Legs said. Also I had heard the buffet was not an ordinary casino-type one and was very good.

    Are there places to eat around Channel and Hermes, Vegas girls? I may 'hang out' in that area, so is there a place to eat around there that is good? (really nearby?) My eyes just cross when I look at the Bellagio layout map, so I would appreciate the info.
  8. Its a casual place but I just took my sister to a place called FIX. It's in the Bellagio and the food is GREAT!
    Olives is also good. If you want a really casual place try Noodles, also in the Bellagio. The best Pai Tai

    If you go to the Paris Hotel you can eat in the Eiffel tower and you can have a good view of the strip. Its yummy but a little expensive.

    Head to the Venecian and go to Tao. A little expensive but amazing.

    If you go to the Mandalay Bay try the Border Grill. Moderate priced "mexican".

    The Buffet at the Bellagio, MGM, and treasure Island are good. If you decide to venture downtown to old town where the Golden Nugget etc... is...and its worth it to see the Freemont Experience there is a place called...hmmm Its called...I want ro say Main Steet Someting of other. You can't miss it. It has a million light bulbs and it is know for its Buffet. Good prices and stuff like Filet Minion and Shrip Scampi depending on the night.
  9. I was in Vegas a few weeks ago. My girlfriends and I had dinner at Circo one night and we really enjoyed it.
  10. Check out my post below but a quick recap...
    In the Bellagio: Fix, Olives, and Noodles (really good casual Tai).
  11. oh I have also heard that the Steak place at the Wynn that overlooks the Golf course is great. Never been there though.
  12. Thanks, handbag*girl. We were writing at about the same time. :smile: Are those three (the Pix, Olives, and Noodles) less costly? I'm saving my pennies *cough cough* for the shops, though I'd probably like to eat at a really good place a couple of nights.
  13. Fix: 3 people for dinner no alcohol about 200.00
    Olives: Pricey but Lunch is cheeper
    Noodles: 1 person about 21 for an entree.

    My husband LOVES the Stage Deli at Caesars and it's not too bad.

    What are you looking for price wise for meals?

    If you have any questions let me know. I have only been hear a short time but we eat out a bit.
  14. We had our wedding reception at Ortanique (between bally's and paris) and the food was phenomenal. We were there a week and it was the best food we had in Vegas.
  15. Thanks, everyone. And we're now in a section called "kitchens?" I didn't even know there was such a section.