Can anyone recommend any books or videos for improving your back muscles

  1. My back aches all the time & was advised I should do exercises to strengthen it, can anyone recommend any books or videos?
  2. I actually have been using Mari Windsor's pilates dvd. Great stretching for all muscle groups and easy to follow. Also, massages, acupuncture, and chiropractic care can help ease pain if you have chronic low back pain (lasts more than 6 weeks). If you're back has been hurting less than 6 weeks, it may resolve itself without doing anything, but exercise is always good preventative medicine against aches and pains.
  3. Walking is a wonderful exercise for your back muscles. I can tell when I walk 3-4 miles every day that my back is stronger and feels better. I just bought a pilates video that my back dr recommended that is also supposed to help strengthen muscles and help back pain.
  4. Doing gentle stretches daily is a good way to improve flexibility and strengthen your back. You can do them in the evening, to relax your muscles before bed. Also, strengthening your abs/core area with ab exercises (Pilates is a good way to do this) helps with supporting your spine and your back.
  5. I'm usually all about Cristina's advice. Is she a trainer too?

    I second the stretches. Backs are tricky business, theres lots of reasons they're sore for different people. DEFINITELY work on your core, it's the balance in working out that makes us healthy - and happy.

    Get a specific set of excercises from your doc or ask where he suggests you look. Then research research research. And stick to it. You'll be doing hyperextensions (the bend over and bring your body back to position move I get all my bodybuilders to do when their back and core are tops) in a few months! Good luck :yes:
  6. dlg: What is the name of the pilates video your dr recommended if you don't mind me asking?

  7. It is called "Pilates Complete for Inflexible People." It is a gentle version of pilates for people who have had back injuries. I haven't tried it yet - I just got it last week. I'm hoping to get started this week. It has been so cold here that I haven't been able to do my daily walk, so I have become very stiff. It's warming up, so hopefully I can start moving again!