Can anyone recommend any books about fakes/knockoffs?

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  1. Hi everyone :smile:

    I was wondering if anyone had read any good books about fake handbags or designer stuff? I'm interested in reading how they are made and what's bad about them etc. I'm looking for one more from the designer industry's point of view rather than of those who support fakes, but I don't mind hearing about books from either point of view. Does even such a book exist? :confused1:


    (Sorry if something similar has been posted before, but I couldn't find anything)
  2. Ahh, I just read one about six months ago, but can't remember the name!

    It was good too. I've always wondered how the knockoffs are so similar to the real items, and it explained everything. Anyway, fraud is a huge international illegal business, with much of it showing up on eBay.

    Sorry, I'll try to think of the title and post it.
  3. You might try doing an Internet search for something like "counterfeit designer goods" and see what comes up. There have been a number of news articles on this topic in the past few months.
  4. Thanks sweetdreams :biggrin: I hope you remember!

    Doreenjoy - Thanks, will do, but I really wanted a book on the topic because I always find things more believable when written in a book and I think a book is able to go into greater depth than a news article can.
  5. You might be surprised by how in-depth some articles can be. They are also much more current than any book, which typically will have been written at least three years before its publication.
  6. ^^ That's a good point, thanks doreenjoy :biggrin: Am still looking for books though, even though they may be out of date, there is nothing like curling up with a paperback rather than a computer monitor! :woohoo:
  7. Deluxe: How Luxury Lost its Luster by Dana Thomas

    although more focused on the business aspects and the direction that leads todays top High End brand names to appeal to the common masses (away from exclusitivity), it holds a great description on the fashion houses in relation to fakes and knock offs.

    warning this book may change the way you buy luxury
  8. ^^ Thanks a lot! I'll definitely check it out, although I can't decide if making me not want to buy LV any more is a good or bad thing! lol
  9. I would also highly recommend this book. There are a few chapters that deal with the counterfeiting topic. Also check out the International Anticounterfeiting Coalition website: Past issues of Harper's Baazar have contained counterfeiting expose articles. Also, Dana Thomas has written for Newsweek, so you could possibly find archived articles. Hope this helps!
  10. ^^ Thanks so much Chi town Chanel, I'll definitely check out the book and that website :biggrin: Whenever I buy Harper's Bazaar there isn't anything on counterfeits, I'll have to subscribe so I get every issue!