Can anyone recommend an LV boutique (and/or SA!) in NJ?


Jun 30, 2008
New Jersey
The one time I went to Short Hills, I was basically ignored, I didn't like them and left feeling like some sort of grouch. They were soooo much nicer in France. Anywho, I feel vindicated now because I just finished reading a thread about someone who SO'd a bag only to find out that the SAs had been using it as a sample for 4 weeks! I really don't want that to be me. Any ideas? I want a SO and one of the newer bags (still haven't decided which one). I really don't want to have to wait until I go back to Paris before I buy my next LV! Thanks in advance.

Lush Life

Genius of Love
Dec 27, 2009
I just picked up a new bag two days ago at the shop at the Riverside Square mall in Hackensack, and everyone there was very helpful and sweet--one girl named Stephanie was especially nice, but they were all friendly. And there is an SA at the Garden State Plaza shop named Jean who is always very helpful and friendly as well.