Can anyone recommend a sturdy LV bag/tote to use to carry books/papers?

  1. I'm looking to get one to use as a book bag. Any ideas would be appreciated! Thanks!
  2. The BH is a popular one on the forum. Also maybe the new Neverfull? I don't know how much weight it can handle though. The damier Hampsteads could also be good.
  3. I'd definitely go for the BH or the Cabas Mezzo.
  4. For School, I use the daimer saleya in the mm. The thing that I love about it is that I don't have to use it just for school, I can use it to travel, as an everyday bag or whatever.
  5. BH, neverfull, or cabas as you can zip it shut.
  6. Sac plat
  7. BH or Neverfull. :p
  8. The BH would be nice.
  9. Neverfull. Definitely!
  10. i'm looking for a bag to suit the same you all think the straps on the neverfull would be able to carry a textbook or two &a computer??
  11. I use Damier Hampstead MM for a work bag and I love it, can be used on the shoulder or as a hand held tote.
    I always have it full with books, water bottle and the day's lunch.:tup:
  12. Ohhh, do you have modeling pics posted anywhere?
  13. i just got a neverfull and I asked the SA about how much it could carry. she said that LV did a test and it held a ton of stuff ( i dont remember the exact amount of lbs, but it was A LOT!) i wouldnt be worried about the handles breaking
  14. I'm thinking of the neverfull now. The price is really decent and I like the look. I want to put a laptop and some books in it as well.

    What is a good size then? I want to be able to also use it as a big purse without it looking too strange. Would the PM, MM or GM look better do you think?
  15. ^^^ I would go for the GM but depending on your size this could end up looking huge on you so maybe the MM.