Can anyone recommend a spectacular digital camera for me please

  1. I have always used the Sony Cybershot DSC-P200, dropped it & it is beyond repair. I need to buy a new one. I have been using my daughters DSC-T33 but the anti blur is not good.
    Please recommend a great camera for me to buy.
    Thinking about the Sony T100 anyone have any experience of this one?
    Results on the internet say that Canon is the camera of choice????
  2. My friend who works at Sears says that Canon is the best out there. My DH has a Canon, and I have the Sony Cybershot. My preference is Sony, because of the anti blur thing. I love that I can take pics at night and not worry the pics will come out blurry. But with DH's Canon you have to be so still, I mean not even a twitch or else its crazy blurry. That is for no flash night shots. Also I don't need all the extra features because I wouldn't be able to figure out how to work it. So my vote is for the Sony Cybershot.
  3. i work at Best Buy, and all of the folks that work in our digital imaging department say to go with Canon before anything else. from my experience, I agree, i've had my canon digicam for 6 years (which makes it pretty outdated) and it still takes beautiful, clear pictures).
  4. i've had fuji and sony digi cams in the past... my old sony cybershot is about 7 years old, and i stopped using it a few years ago. i used to borrow my bro's camera a lot... but i finally purchased a new one last weekend. i ended up with the Canon SD850, and no complaints here!
  5. I'd say Canon. I have Sony Cybershot and it works fine. My parents say that Sony is more user-friendly.
  6. my SIL just bought the latest Canon powershot that they cam eout with - the pictures are freakin AMAZING!!!
  7. Thanks all for great advice. I had the DSC-P100 then the DSC-P200, loved them both. However my daughter has the Sony DSC-T33 & she blur is shocking. I will go look at some Canon
  8. I'm thinking of getting the Sony Cybershot
  9. I just got the Pentax A20, really small & sleek, 10MB but to be honest I find the camera a bit difficult to operate
  10. Great question. I need to purchase another camera also, i lost my Sony cybershot and was looking to get another Sony or Canon. I also loved a compact panasonic camera but i have not heard anything on it. Share with us what you find out about these camera's. Thanks
  11. I used to work at Best Buy and circuit City in the digital camera department and always told people that canon was the best. My bf even bought me the sd450 2 years ago for my birthday. And it was pretty good in my mind. Lately we have been taking tons of pics of our cars that we are selling and some just for fun and I have been noticing that they are grainy compared to his sony p-200. His friend even got the new canon sd850 and when my boyfriend was raving about it till they did a side by side comparasion with his p200.

    It was very obivious that the sony way out did the canon (never thought i would say that). So for our aniversery my bf bought me a PINK sony w80 (better than the w-55 bc of the anti-blur) and we took side by side pics with my canon and the sony is awsome!

    Its nice and small and the anti-blur is really great on this one. I would go check it out :smile:
  12. ^^ i have the w80 too! i got it just a day before my sf trip and have loved it ever since. i'm able to take great anti-blur shots at night even while walking/moving! very user friendly and awesome shots. i've taken pics of practically everything.. i almost never leave home without it. :biggrin:
  13. I highly recommend the Sony Cybershot DSC-W90. I just got it and it is fantastic, easy to use, and quality of pics is top notch. It's 8mega pix and has a feature that if your hand is shaking, the pic is totally in focus.
    Fool proof - that's why I bought it as I am a total fool when it comes to electronics!
  14. Thanks all for the great advice, I am partial to Sony having had good experience, will check out the W80 & 90
  15. I just ordered the Sony DSC-W200 on Great price on other sites it was £329.89 got it for £243 including postage. I hope I have made the right choice will let you all know what I think of it, should have it by early next week. Thanks for your help.