Can anyone recommend a multi-vitamin?

  1. I've been taking Women's Ultra Mega from GNC for years and was wondering if there is another multivitamin any pfers take that they can recommend. I'm supposed to take two a day but only take one because the vitamin is so freggin big i have to psyche myself out before I take it. I also take B12, and a Calcium supplement. Thanks much!
  2. I know that this sounds crazy -- but big mega vitamins tend to make me feel sick after I take them. So I buy Flintstones for kids and take one or two each day:smile: It probably wouldn't hurt to supplement that with some specific smaller doses of calcium, B12, C, etc.
  3. Try to find High End Liquid vitamin. It may taste really gross but its better then the ones sold in store with all the fillers they use (talc for exmple to keep it in pill form)...Search on the Internet or go to your local vitamin store...(but I swear those people are on commision cause they pressure you into buying the whole store)
  4. Here's a great article on vitamins-it rates them all depending on what is good for who, etc.. I picked my multi from here and the one my husband takes too (we take different ones since obviously we have different needs). Good luck!
  5. I use Centrum Performance...they have higher levels of Vitamin C, are bright orange in color, and are supposed to give your endurance a boost during exercise. I run about 7 miles a day and since taking it my endurance has gone up :smile:
  6. Thanks bunches!!:flowers: I appreciate all your advice. I'm doing my research right now!:yes:

  7. ^Great link - thanks! :smile:
  8. I will only take food based vitamins. Currently I use Rainbow Light Women's Nutritional Formula. They also make an excellent once daily women's vitamin. IMHO, synthetics are not as beneficial as a food based suppliment. You can buy them at Whole Foods, Wild Oats, local health food store.
  9. How funny! I can't take big mega vitamins either. They make me gag, and I can't swallow them. So I took Flintstones for a while.

    But then my M.D. recommended I take Centrum, and I found out that they have a chewable version, so that's what I take now.
  10. The pharmacist I work with recommends Centrum as a multi-vitamin. She says you don't need to spend more for extra stuff when Centrum has all the stuff you need. If you need more iron or whatever there are variations of it.

    I also learned that taking a multi-vitamin is better than focusing on 1 vitamin. For instance, iron if you take a vitamin for that and you eat foods with iron in it, you risk having more iron in your system than you realize. Whereas a multi-vitamin give you enough mcg or mg of a vitamin that won't have you going over the daily recommendation.

    Also, get generic. All the same stuff! FYI from a pharmacy tech:amuse:
  11. ]] I think shaklee Vita lea is the best. it totally absorbs and some do not.
  12. i just take a b-comlex vitamin.
  13. I take these as well and they are great!!

    I also take a Super B Complex (Naturemade) and a Vitamin C supplement which has bioflavanoids in it (extract of that stringy membrane around oranges...which is supposed to help prevent bruising).
  14. shaklee vita lea is the best IMO.
  15. I am a vitamin freak - I take a gazillion - but with multi's, the important thing to be aware of is that pre menopausal women need some very different things than post menopausal woman - I know most of you are kids but I think there are some of us who are older - women who are no longer having periods do NOT need iron - so their multi shouldn't have any in it - also a little vitamin K (not widely included in multi's) is helpful for thin, older women who may have low bone density. I take Nature Made Multi For Her 50+ - For me, it's the best.