Can anyone recommend a lockable wardrobe?

  1. With a Louis Vuitton collection of over 30 items, I just can't bear the thought of having a thief break into my house and stealing my purses :push: I know my dad has contents insurance for our house, but some things are just irreplaceable and really, I'm not worried about damaged caused by flooding (we live high up on the hill and I live at the top level of the house), fire (perhaps, but...don't happen to many houses here), natural disaster (uhhh...what? Blizzard?? :roflmfao:), etc. Just theft.

    I'm looking for a wardrobe/closet/shelf that has doors that are lockable. Preferrably a shelf wardrobe, not just a one-level wardrobe and not one that you can hang clothes off...I hope I'm kind of clear. Nothing expensive, something from Ikea would be great but I cannot find anything like that on their web site. And of course I don't have tons of it'd be best if it's oriented vertically.

    Suggestions? I live in Canada so I'm not sure if I can buy pieces from American furnishing companies...but links would be great too :tup: Thanks!
  2. I have an ikea 'locker' in my office, it locks and is kinda cute. I will see if I can find a pic on the ikea site.
  3. How easy do you think it would be to break it open?

    Karman, you're smart to want to keep things protected.
  4. Hmmm. What about having locks installed on your closet? Otherwise I would suggest maybe searching for a locking wardrobe. I'm sure you;re not uniwue in your desire and i'm sure there is a company in CA that makes something like that.
  5. ^^^lol, I should have thought of that....that's a good suggestion, if you have a regular closet door. My DH did that for me on the walk in closet in my hobby room. That's where I store all my sunshine stuff, and birthday and holiday gifts (along with some bags) and I got tired of the kids snooping in it.
  6. Janos - not sure how easy it would be to break open...but we have a security alarm installed so the thief wouldn't get very far...personally IF I were to break into a house, I'd just grab whatever looks valuable around the door before the alarm goes crazy and run!! So I'm not afraid of having the wardrobe broken into (because again, if I were to break into a house, I wouldn't have enough time to break into ANOTHER thing after breaking into the house!) more like just me having my wardrobe door open and seeing all those Louis Vuitton dustbags there :wtf:

    tink - thanks for the suggestion!! I really like the PS locker wardrobe thingy, unfortunately it's out of stock where I live and I can't order it online for some reason...guess I'll just have to check the stock faithfully until it becomes available one day.

    As for having a lock installed on my closet, I'm not sure about that. I have one of those 2 folding door closet that's not walk-in...if I had a walk-in closet I'd totally have a lock installed on the door (something to keep in mind when I get my own place, I guess)
  7. Locks are really only going to keep honest people honest KWIM??? If someone is going to break into your home (through a deadbolt I assume) a flimsy closet lock will only make them aware there are valuables in there. In most break ins thieves are looking for things they can carry out quickly and easily sell (jewelry, cash, guns, cameras, electronics, plasma TVs). Quite frankly most thieves wouldn't care about handbags unless of course the thief knew you and went there just for them.

    About the only case I would think locking your closet is a good idea is if there is a lot of traffic in your home or you have roommates (friends of roommates) or others that could walk off with a bag. If that was the case I would probably just use a deadbolt on my bedroom door.
  8. I agree...locking doors only indicates to thieves...'Hey something expensive is in here'...and then they'll break in!

    Usually 2 scenarios to breakins:

    1. They are in and out quick. Grab TVs, jewelry, cash and run.

    2. They are in for hours after scouting out your habits...and in this case they'll get everything.

    If you have insurance...that is really the best you can do!
  9. Luckily we don't keep cash and all of our expensive jewelry is in our safety deposit box. I guess all the thief can take is my mom's Swarovski crystal collection! :p

    And in our family room, a TV that's older than me! :nuts:
  10. I don't know what kind of insurance your dad is paying but does the insurance company know about your expensive bags?

    I don't know what else to say....keep your closet door closed so they are not tempted to open the door? Or install a different type of door so you can add a lock. Will you remember to lock your closet or some type of Ikea cabinet?
  11. I doubt if someone breaking in to a house is going to steal purses. Jewelry and money would be the first. I would put a solid deadbolt lock on your closet but to me this should really not be a big worry to you. I would check to make sure all your bags are covered, you might have to put a rider on the insurance policy. I have never read of a robbery report in the paper where the people say their designer bags were stolen.
  12. Except if they are jealous friends who want your bags and you still go to high school. I've sat in trial with similar situations but they were all teenage kids.
  13. ^ Nope not in high school any more *thank goodness*