Can anyone recommend a Hairdressers in Toronto?

  1. Can anyone recommend a hairdresser in Toronto, I have been seeking a good one for years

    She is an absolute genius. I was a receptionist at her old salon and honestly, everyone who had their hair cut by her was SO HAPPY. She is a genius, worked with Toni & Guy England for many years and is now located at Salon Daniel in the Soho Met Hotel (416.971.9669).

    Honestly, I can guarantee you will not be disappointed. If you have more questions, feel free to PM me :smile:
  3. Parvin Mohammadi
    Her own salon @ 416.429.3999 - Sensi Salon and Spa
    Don Mills & Eglinton
    I've been going to here for two yeras and she is fantastic! Reasonable rates, too!
  4. Reviving this old thread!
  5. i've heard good things about Jie, its located on 38 Avenue Rd
  6. i know a good one from markham...
  7. This is my latest discovery....Cappuci

    So far they are very good.

    I don't suggest Donato Salon & Spa because there is a lot of young stylist who make fun of their clients when they turn their back on them. John Donato is good, but he no longer controls his own company.
  8. Danielle (colour and cut) and Nicole (colour only) at Salon Escape, they're on Cumberland Ave in Yorkville, 4163248080.
  9. Lily at Hair Craze in Markville Mall (Markham).

    She is AMAZING, and quick.
  10. Hi there,

    I recently joined this forum and was wondering if I could get the name and address of this hairdresser you are referring to.

  11. Genevieve (color) and Trinh (cut) at Civello on Queen St. are great.
  12. Yes.
    Bruce Appleby works in the comfort of his own home cutting hair and has a wonderful Colorist that he sens his clients too. I book on the hour so it is a one on one complete attention session with my clients.
    Email me at for further information

  13. I go to her too now, she's great!!
  14. I went to hair craze in markville mall

    and I got Frank, he actually listened to what I wanted and confirmed all the little details before he cut my hair.

    In 20 minutes I had my hair washed, cut, styled, and perfect with no surprises
  15. I used to work with them when I was an apprentice at Civello :nuts: