Can anyone recommend a great SA?

  1. I live in Hawaii, and as many of you know, the prices in the stores are higher here. I'm wondering if anyone can recommend a good SA on the Mainland (anywhere), that I can call who'll be willing to ship me bags and possibly accept the PCE card over the phone too.

  2. I'm a great SA!! wink wink!! Call Coach at the Northshore Mall in Peabody Massachusetts ... we're awesome :smile:
  3. Considering that I always see a HI disclaimer on the Coach pages of department stores, I am not sure if a red flag would come up in the system based on your shipping address. I know that sales tax is charged based on shipping location and since your prices are 20% higher I am curious if a boutique would ship to HI. I also think that there may be a difference if they have the item in the store to sell to you or if they have to fax the order to JAX or another store.

    Has anyone from HI physically been here and had there purchases shipped home from a boutique?

    Either way, let us know the outcome because I am curious.

  4. I love Northshore Mall!
  5. yay i'm glad!! make sure to stop by and visit us to see the new spring collection after christmas!! i was unwrapping the new products yesterday and let me just say that they are TDF!!
  6. When are you working? I'm really interested in some of the new spring stuff that's been popping up all over TPF (#11639 & #11550). Can we order those now and get PCE discount?
  7. i'll be at the store tomorrow 2-9, thursday 9-6, friday 3-11 and sat 12-6. i dont have the dates for next week yet but im sure i'll be there a lot haha!
    my name is Shannon... stop on by and we'll see what we can do for you!! it'll be great to meet a fellow tPFer!!! :smile:
  8. We actually cannot ship to Hawaii from the mainland! So unless the OP has a billing address in the mainland, we cannot ship to them :sad: