Can anyone recommend a great all leather tote for me?

  1. I am looking for an all leather tote. I'm looking for a bigger bag. Nothing HUGE but something that won't be stuffed looking if I put a lot in it. I really want something of good quality so price is upward flexible.

    Suggestions Experts?
  2. Coach has always made some beautiful leather totes.
    They have a new one the Gigi leather tote that just came out and looks beautiful. Don't know if its in stores but its online. Click on the Mandy Moore's favorates link on the homepage.
  3. How about the YSL Downtown or Muse? Very classic and chic. ;)

    These are my main two tote bags for work. They are the biggest sizes, but both are available in smaller sizes too. And both are available in numerous leather colors, as well as patent, metallic, croco embossed, etc.

    I :heart: my YSLs.

    YSL Downtown5.JPG
  4. In addition to the great suggestions above, Tod's makes a great tote, very durable, classic, well made.
  5. A few questions to help guide the recommendations:
    --What is your price range?
    --What color leather do you prefer?
    --Do you want it to have a detachable shoulder strap?
  6. I like the CLAVA Bridle tote.
  7. I suggest the Tod's D-bag Media or a Lambertson Truex tote.
  8. Maybe we can wait for passerby to give us some suggestions - she always come up with some beautiful ones at a moderate price range
  9. Good Morning!

    My price range is, well, I'm thinking up to $1K
    Color? black or chocolate
    Detachable shoulder strap? Not necessesarily but I do prefer two straps to one.

    I'd like to be able to carry it on my shoulder or in hand. I really don't need the straps to have a lot of drop b/c I am small. For ex. I can carry my LV Passy (not the GM) on my shoulder whereas its not a shoulder bag per se.

    Thanks for all the other suggestions ladies :yes:
  10. I have a Balenciaga "Shopping", and it is hands down the best bag that I have ever had! It holds a so lightweight...has two handles, and can be carried on the shoulder or by hand! There is a gorgeous brown one on eBay...I will post the link so you can see a picture

    OK...I am not sure if that will work, as it is my first time to do it...but if not you can search under balenciaga shopping!
  11. Thanks! I don't know why this never caught my eye before.
  12. have you checked out Mulberry? The Bayswater or Elgin might suit your requirements!
  13. On the less-expensive end of the scale, I saw this Marc by Marc Jacobs Quinn Turnlock Satchel at Nordstrom recently, and I was pretty impressed. The style is simple, but the leather is extremely smooshy and luxurious for a bag that's only $448. It is very roomy and easy to carry on the shoulder or by hand. You can see more pics at,, or

    MbMJ Quinn Turnlock Satchel.JPG