Can anyone recommend a good Neiman SA?

  1. I called the Neiman's at Fashion Island today and the girl was COMPLETELY clueless. She didn't even understand what the Day style was and she kept saying that they had Anthracite when I kept saying I wanted Steel. She had no clue what I was talking about when I asked her to look at the card inside and see if it says 1 or 3.

    Can anyone recommend a good NM SA that can possibly locate the bag I am looking for? Any Neiman's that sells Balenciaga would do cuz I can just have the bag transferred.

    Thanks :smile:
  2. It's funny, there are at least a couple of good NM SA's who work at the stores that DO NOT carry Balenciaga!! Here's Cracker's recommendation:
    Others who come highly recommended (at stores that DO carry Balenciaga):

    Lee at Short Hills NJ - [SIZE=-1](973) 912-0080 (Lee is male)

    [/SIZE]Christine at NM SF - (she is also a tPF-er - xoChrissie!) - [SIZE=-1](415) 362-3900

  3. Peggy O'Brien at NM SF (Union Square) [SIZE=-1](415) 362-3900 :tup:
  4. Lisa and Karen (from shoes) at NM in Michigan 2486433300 also Karen at Saks in Michigan 2486439000
  5. Hopefully, you've found your bag - but if anyone else is looking for something in particular, I was given this information using the NM personal shopper email option at the site:

    "In order to best address your inquiry, we advise speaking directly with a specialist in our designer handbag department.

    One of our consults will be happy to locate the merchandise, communicate current availability, place you on a special order list (if necessary) and provide ordering instructions.

    To call please dial 1-800-756-5784 and ask to speak with Designer Handbags."

    When I contacted that department (this is actually the Dallas North Park store), I spoke with a very friendly, helpful SA named Lisa, who immediately located what I was looking for and placed my order. I would highly recommend her services to anyone else.
  6. Lisa Hamlin is our best NM's SA and her #: 248-635-8442
  7. The BEST at Neimans is GARY at the Los Angeles store (and I've worked with a LOT of NM SAs; he's the #2 top-selling handbag SA at the entire Neimans chain. His number: 818-284-8862.
  8. Well, that begs the obvious question--who's #1? ;)
  9. Lisa Hamlin (Troy, MI) has helped me out in the past as well. Highly recommend her.