Can anyone recommend a good MbMJ SA at the NY or Boston stores?

  1. I really want to order the navy Pan Am Weekender and a few other special items, but I don't feel like going up to NYC so I want to order them over the phone. Does anyone know of an SA at either store that would help with my order?
  2. Hi

    I just ordered from Savannah, GA I *think* their stock would be better than NY because of their location?

    I spoke to Cameron and Adam
    but cameron sent me the order.

    The people in Boston are generally nicer than the NY SA's. They are more cheery!

    SF Store, SA Peter is really nice:tup:
    he included a card and wrapped everytying individually

    NY whoever i spoke to was a girl and she didnt wrap up sh*t no card no business card nothing.. she wasnt even that nice on the phone

    The SA's in NY seem to have more attitude

    One time i called for that marc by marc lucite bow watch in red, because it was in red in Elle Magazine
    and they told me that there is no way because it never Came in red. I really wanted that watch!! :sad::tdown:
  3. The Savannah store had the navy Weekender?

    Thanks for the information!! I really appreciate it. Do you know if the Savannah store had a good variety of special items because there are a few that I want to get and I would rather order them all from the same place since shipping is so much.
  4. Both times I've done phone orders it was with the ny store (because I have the number in my phone so it was easiest) but I've never gotten cards, bags, wrapped items, or anything type of service that was above and beyond. And both of the sa's I've spoken with have given me major 'tude. I will not be ordering from them again.
  5. sorry i didnt resppnd earlier

    they have heart mirrors in
    white i think

    they problaby have the shell mirrors

    my guess is the have everying else NY would have.

    I just assume NY is way busier and runs out of stuff faster

    boston has them in too they said

    i know they have lipstick pens and bandaid keychains and umm i think they haev silver and gold and shell mirrors

    and i blieve they have the key necklace!

    hope that helps
  6. i called the boston store and tried to order the pan am weekender...they said they would email me an order form and didn't. at first the conversation went well, then they seemed annoyed that i wanted it shipped to canada and they would have to call and get a shipping quote. i was kinda indifferent abiout the whole thing, so when they didn't send the form, i didn't bother following up.

  7. aww well dont let that deter you

    you should ask someone here who lives in boston to see if theyd get it for you and send it to you
  8. After reading all this I think I am going to call the SF store first and then the Savannah store if I don't have any luck there.
  9. yes savannah was fine..although they never sent me a confirmation that my order went through

    SF Peter is the best

    he was super sweet and SUPER helpful


    i dont think they have pan am bags so id realy stick with savannah!
  10. Also

    Boston has never been a problem for me personally!

    i used to buy from there when i was in school in boston!

    but some SA's probably arent all that nice its hard to tell really
  11. Where can I find all these little specialty things that are MbyMJ? I know the heart mirror-but, before I call to get the weekender (I live in NY-but, I think I am going to call the Savannah store after reading this!), I would like to see what else I may want.
  12. ^ why don't you just go to the store? it's easy to get to from brooklyn. you can just hop on the a/c or the b/d/f lines straight to the w4 stop.

    the ny store basically has everything online in stock (i was just there last weekend). plus, the $20 shipping fee is a bit steep if you live so close. the sales associates are quite nice and helpful in person despite how they are over the phone although i've dealt with them a few times via telephone and they've all been congenial to me. :confused1:
  13. ^Because I work in Brooklyn and am never ever go into Manhattan. The only time I could go would be the weekends and hubby is not into going to MJ stores-so, I would have to go into the city by myself and it's just not my thing (I have a phobia about the subway, it has to do with confined spaces). Thanks for the info though.
  14. i want to order a little makeup pouch zip cluch in silver... but it only cost 10 dollars

    and shipping is 20..
    so i guess not
  15. i agree tadpolenyc... i think all the ny sa's in store have been great and are really funny, nice young kids.

    i have to say the ny stores- especially the accessory store (which is where you ladies are calling for these special items) is generally packed to the brim with people. my suggestion for a helpful sa in ny would be to call on off hours, when they are a little slower.