Can anyone recommend a good green tea?

  1. I usually get a few boxes from China but I ended up giving them away as gifts.

    I've always been a little suspicious about the quality of green tea that comes in tea-bags... maybe that's unfounded.

    What green tea do you drink?
  2. i like the Ten Ren brand
  3. I :heart: :heart: :heart: a green tea called "Green Tea Super Anti-Oxidant" from a brand called Yogi Tea. Says it's made with organic teas and also includes jasmine, lemongrass, and licorice!

    (Sounds kinda odd now that I'm typing it but it is soooooo tasty!!)

    I live in Lake Tahoe (NV) and buy it at the local grocery store (Raley's). I shared some with a co-worker and he loves it! He can't get it at home in NY but can order it online.
  4. I buy the green tea that comes in tea bags. I like loose leaf tea, but I drink tea all day at work, so it's not convenient for me to use the loose leaf kind. I drink a Japanese brand, YamaMotoYama "Organic Green Tea." Some bagged green teas taste bitter to me, but this one never does. I really like this tea!
  5. I bought mine from Teavana. Check out They have the best quality teas. White tea is my current favorite.
  6. Ten Ren has the best green tea I have ever had. Also, if you want a change, try their Jasmine. It is soo good!

    PS - I believe you can get Ten Ren green tea at Costco.
  7. Well, my screen name will attest to my love of this drink!! The only tea I will drink now is by an artisan brand called Mighty Leaf (they have a website) The leaves are big and chunky - so much so that they make their own silk pouches for the leaves instead of mesh paper tea bags! It's amazing!! Try the Green Tea Tropical! Not in the least bit bitter and contains pineapple extract for use as an anti-inflamatory. I've lost about five pounds drinking this 1-2 times a day.
    Warning, this tea is pricey but after trying it, I threw everything else out.
  8. Oh no, they're outta stock!
  9. They are? Hope they'll replenish son - I actually just bought a huge box of 100 bags so I'm set for awhile.
  10. Mine is Kusmi Green tea with Almond flavour.

    It is a Russian brand now made in france and comes in lovely metal boxes. you can buy it in Paris in the "Bon Marché".

    This tea is delicious!!!
  11. The Kusmi website has a list of distributors fro united States, Canada, etc
  12. You can find Mighty Leaf brand teas at
  13. i like Republic of Tea's Green tea..
  14. WOO! I got Mighty Tea!! It's brewing now. WOW, it smells AMAZING.

    :yahoo: :yahoo:
  15. A new chain store opened up in our local mall called, "Teavana" and it has forever ruined us for store brands. They have a website too:

    we are addicted!