Can anyone recommend a good eyeshadow base?

  1. I've been using this eyeshadow base by neutrogena. I liked it because it gave me that minty feeling once you put it on your eyelids! But I've never used any other base and I kinda wanna switch now to see if theres something better out there. Any recommendations?
  2. I got one in a GWP from NM by Laura Mercier and it seemed to work OK.
  3. I got a sample of this, too with my GWP! I love it. It works really well.
  4. I have tried Urban Decay, Laura Geller, Laura Mercier and Benefit, and I have to say I like Benefit the best. It's called F.Y. Eye.
  5. urban decay primer potion
  6. I agree that F.Y. Eye is the best. I use it when I go clubbing and it really makes my make-up stay on even after sweating on the dance floor for hours. It's also great for weddings or other formal events where you want your make-up to stay put. You only need a little bit and the jar lasts forever!
  7. I like how you can wear it alone.
  8. Laura Mercier eye basics - have used it for years and love the stuff, my shadow stays on all day and doesnt change color during the day from oils.
  9. Honestly, I just use my regular face foundation and then put a dusting of loose powder on top. then, eyeshadow. My eyeshadow stays put all day!
  10. Try YSL Touche Eclat (Radiant Touch), it just does wonders as an eyeshadow base!
  11. ^I cannot agree any more than YSL Touche Eclat. Works as a highlighter as well. Very, very, very good.
  12. I use Clinique touch tint, have been for two years with no complaints.
  13. Dior SkinFlash works well too. I am going to try some of the Laura Mercier because I have been hearing raves about it. I like her tinted moisturizer and primer.
  14. URBAN DECAY PRIMER POTION! stuff is great. they also have great reviews on MUA.
  15. Another vote for urban decay primer potion! I've tried them all and it's the only one that really works all day long.