Can anyone recommend a good eyeliner...

  1. sharpener?? I have the worst luck with those things, because each one I get out to be worst than the one before. So, I'm really in need of one that actually works, and doesn't eat up half of my eyeliner.

    Thanks for any help!
  2. I got mine from Dior, but it came with the eyeliner.

    Both eyeliner and sharpener are excellent!
  3. I've always used MAC pencil sharpener (sold separately). I've had it for years & it's never let me down.

  4. MAC is good and i also bought one from Shu Uemura (it got 2 holes in it, but u can adjust the size on one of them, so u have a sharpener for 3 diff sizes pen!)
  5. Ugh, I have the same problem. Although, I get my eyeliner from e.l.f. so what can you expect for a dollar!
  6. Try Sephora's own brand - double one with 2 sizes. So far, really good for all my pencils.
  7. I have one from Sephora as well - dont expect alot out of sharpeners - i get a new one every few months because they do dull pretty easily.
  8. i also have a double - 2 different sizes. don't know the make tho...
  9. Mine is from Dior. Pretty good so far.
  10. Im looking for the same thing lately...I have a mac one but it foesnt seem to make any of my pencils really sharp. I'm going to check out my local art supply store and see if any of their sharpeners are any good.
  11. Do you want a liquid or pencil eye liner? I use Chanel stylo yeux waterproof eye liner and love it! It's a pencil liner but you don't have to sharpen anything, just twist and it's ready to use.
  12. i also use the type that just twists up. no sharpening!
  13. another vote for the sephora brand. Its $3 and lasts a long time. does a wonderful job with those wax based pencils instead of wood.
  14. sephora here too-good and effective! and isn't that all we want in a sharpener?
  15. Get one of those little round silver ones, made in Germany, Sally's will have them if your CVS doesn't.

    They cost about a dollar and last for years.

    And I am assuming you mean actual eyeliner pencils, and not those single use things that are a little nub sticking out of plastic. And once the nub is worn down, which it will be after one use, that's it!

    Those things have got to be the biggest ripoff in the industry, whether you pay $4 for them at the drugstore, or $40 at the fancy department store.