Can anyone recommend a good eyebrow gel/shaper?

  1. I really need to get one and have no idea which brand to get.:confused1: TIA!
  2. I love the Laura Mercier eye brow gel!!!
  3. I just love Anatasicia eye brow gel
  4. Smashbox eyebrow wax is great!!
  5. I'd personally go for a wax product instead. It holds better than a gel. The gel may stiffen your eyebrows. I just recently bought something from Smashbox - it comes with brow filler and wax, perfect combo! They also sell just the wax itself.
  6. Isn't that funny? Jenniletv and I just posted about the same product at the same time!!
  7. i really like anastasia brow gel. if you need it to hold for even longer, anastasia's brow fix is pretty good too. (my eyebrow hair grows downwards so i use the brow fix to hold it in shape)
  8. Another vote for Anastacia!
  9. I just love her whole kit. I do not use the stencils but I love the powder, and the brush and the eyebrow gel. LOVE IT!
  10. I have a brow kit by Laura DuPriest that's really great... the wax is a nice consistency, and the powder isn't too dark...
  11. surprisingly cheap but works surprisingly well. and i am a stickler about my brows! physician's formula wonder brow wax pencil:
    when i run out of my mac brow wax, i'm definitely going to stock up on this.