can anyone recommend a good ebay lv seller?

  1. has anyone ever bought from designerforyou?
  2. I have purchased from KarenKooper a few times and other PF's have too.
  3. Let-Trade
  4. thanks, will see if she has anything!
  5. fashionpile, anne-bag, pinlady98, ocfashions
  6. Let-Trade!
  7. Another vote for Let-Trade!

    authentic lvlady always has lots of selection and good prices. I haven't purchased anything from them yet but love looking!
  8. The only thing with her is that her shipping rates are outrageous!!! and I don't know why she can't really take clear pictures (even though she is much better now)
  9. never bought any lv on ebay but let-trade - fashionphile - karenkooper seems to be famous here
  10. I've bought from 88cavier and ooh la la louis and they were both great esp ooh la la I got a chocolate dipped apple (it was sooooo gooood) and a pair of slippers as a think you gift. I authentic LV for sale on ebay seller id miimacml!
  11. Let-Trade
    BBwifey3 (I think that is the name)
    That's so pretty
    Ultimate Handbag

    I have only had one problem with one LV seller who was/is on the mypoupette list.
  12. Hopefully not an authencity-problem? :huh:
  13. do you know a seller named hinna?
  14. What is the exact eBay seller's name? I looked under designerforyou and can't seem to find anyone with that name selling anything :blink: