Can anyone reccommend a nice SA??

  1. Hi. I don't live near any LV boutiques, so I was wondering if someone knew the name and number of a friendy Louis Vuitton SA, so I could call (I would like to order LV shoes) by phone??? Thanks.
  2. Is there a general area you would like to order from???
  3. Maybe Pennsylvania, but if they're in a different location that's ok.....(as long as they do ship out of state, right???) as long as they're a nice SA.
  4. I live in Las Vegas and have been working with a SA named Edward at the store on Las vegas Blvd at the Wynn. He works evenings (comes on at 4pm) most days...never Wednesday.
  5. Diana at the NM in Tyson's (mcLean, Va) is wonderful. Very patient.
  6. I would recommend Camily from the South Coast Plaza store (714) 540-9760. She's a manager, but, managers are always more helpful and less biased because they are more concerned with customer service than they are with sales commission, and, they are more knowledgable.

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  7. Does anyone have any of those SA's phone numbers???
  8. Are you in PA?? My friend deals with a super nice guy in the King of Prussia store. I just emailed her for his name. He helped me out alot. I'll let you know when she gives it to me. But that store is 610-992-0392
  9. Claude Howell is the shoe manager at the Atlanta Lenox Mall LV boutique. He is WONDERFUL!!!