Can anyone reccomend any gorg evening bags???

  1. Have an event to go to next week, and never see anything I like. Suggestions, please!!!
  2. Whiting and Davis is THE name for evening bags IMO. :smile:
  3. Check out ('s site for shoes & bags) for some nice evening bags!
  4. I got lucky and hunted this one down at Target this week, of all places! I had to call 8 stores! :wtf: Well worth it though! Retail I believe was $29.99...but the prices on eBay are a steal for this cute bag.

    Good luck in your search, I am sure you will find the perfect one!
  5. ^ can you please stop spamming!
  6. Chanel timeless clutch is TDF!!!
  7. Here are some from the Saks website.
    Brian Atwood
    Carlos Falchi
    and two Nancy Gonzales.
    Brainatwood.jpg carlosfalchi.jpg nancy1.jpg nancy2.jpg
  8. Not sure of your budget,
    but check out the LV Sunset Boulevard!
  9. :drool: I think I NEED a new evening bag now :yes: These are all stunners thankyou for posting these
  10. yes, thanks for posting these, I just found these Erva bags, from another post on Net a porter and when I got there I saw two Roberto Cavalli clutches that I must have. Pleas someone stop me I am about the do something crazy!!!

  11. I love the Bottega Veneta Knot Clutch
  12. Me? :confused1: It's not my auction...just a pic of the clutch I got at Target. :shrugs:

    It's sold pics on Geesh.