Can anyone rec. a good SA for Chanel Beverly Hills?

  1. As I'm there so much, I'm going to make Beverly Hills my secondary store... does anyone have a good SA they'd be willing to share with me? Pref. one who does e-mail. :smile: My old one has sadly left.
  2. Sorry I am no help. I am just a window shopper there.
  3. The friendliest one I've encountered is Jason Ritchie, a lovely Scotsman, who remembered on each of my previous visits. Don't know if he does email but if you talk to him tell him Regina, the woman with the BA tartan visa, referred you!

    310.278.5500 boutique nbr.
  4. I had a good experience browsing there but when I sent my DH in to buy the bag (birthday) they were very snotty to him so I can't really recommend anyone!!!
  5. A SA named Diana was really nice to me!
  6. Barbara Tan...I bought 2 bags from her last week. Very sweet. :tup:
  7. Barbara is very sweet I have bought bags and jewelry from her. Really nice - no pressure and helpful.:smile:
  8. I agree. I love that Barbara is patient, doesn't pressure you, tells you exactly what the pros and cons of each bag are (like there are ANY cons - I mean, c'mon! ;)) and gives you her undivided attention.

    I went back in yesterday and bought a wallet from her...that's 3 trips in 1 week. I need to STOP! :p