Can anyone Rec a good SA at South Coast Plaza, Ca LV?

  1. Going shopping today for some new items, and I am tired of dealing with rude SA's. Does anyone have a NICE SA at South Coast Plaza, Ca LV store? ( I am visiting the regular store, not any of the ones in the dept stores there)

  2. I dont know..personally I dont like any of the SA's at that store. Go to Bloomies at SCP...much nicer:smile:
  3. I try to talk to a lady name Val. She is always really nice and bubbly. Good luck.
  4. Thanks girls!

    anyone you like at bloomies SCP? (Do they have as much selection as the main store?)
  5. I was jus at SCP yest and a guy by the name of ZAC helped me. He was really friendly and nice. Hope this helps you out. :smile:
  6. i agree! :yes:
  7. a girl named selly was super nice to me yesterday
  8. I go to Lyndsey in Bloomies or Hoa or Mony or...they all are super helpful and way nicer than the LV boutique. Just came back from S.C. with a few items (Denim Baggy PM, Vernis Pomme cosmetic case and two wallets that were heat stamped). Love Bloomies LV over boutique!
  9. Hi, I know LVBabydoll has really good input for SA's at SCP. HTH!
  10. ~ Hi *annacorinnalvr*, I didn't see this post yesterday (maybe because I was called to work in the morning:push:smile:. Anyway, better late than never:yes:!
    For future references: If you like to visit LV store then ask for *Hong*, she's now the assistance leather goods manager. She was my SA from Saks and she transferred to LV store when Saks was being remodeled. I also recommend *Zac* as well, a super nice guy!. Currently, I've been going to Bloomie (I prefer to go here because it's less crowded). Be sure to ask for *Mony*-she's also the assistance leather goods manager. Have fun:flowers: Oops, gotta run-late for work~
  11. I am just like you. I am still looking for a good SA.
  12. I'd second that! Hong is wonderful! I was there 2 weekends ago and she was very attentive even though there was a huge crowd (busy busy!) and someone who was an old customer of her's who was requesting her attention but since I was there first, she insisted on helping me out and its the first time I've been to the SCP LV boutique.

    I went to the SCP LV boutique earlier on the same day and I had a SA who was extremely unhelpful and unknowledgable about LV's stock in the store. I believe the SA's name is *dk* or *tk*, some kind of initial. I asked about a specific purse and he said they didn't have it, never had it...blah blah blah and I was like...I just called the day before and someone said that purse was available...he kept insisting they didn't have it and was unhelpful until my DH looked over at the shelf and said 'hey, isn't that it!' Then this SA walked over and brought the purse down from the shelf for me to inspect. When I had some questions about the purse, esp. some of the issues on it, his attitute was like 'well, that's all I have, so take it or leave it'. Thank goodness I left, came back later in the day, didn't see that SA and was greeted by *Hong*.
  13. I love my SA at the LV Boutique in South Coast Plaza. She's the most terrific, efficient, and helpful SA I have met. I have left pictures of bags I've seen that haven't come out yet and have asked to be put on a waiting list, even though no list existed yet. She keeps my photos and when the bag eventually comes out, she calls me right away. I didn't expect that kind of attention or help since I usually stroll in with casual cargo pants and t-shirt on (I like to be comfy and feel if someone doesn't want to help me, it's their loss). Her name is Jennifer Byun. She's off on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Hope that helps.
  14. I totally agree! I have never been treated nicely at the SCP LV but Bloomies is FAB! Mony (pronounced MONEY :p) is the best, always remembers my name, etc. Saks also has a nice new dept. but Bloomies has best SAs. HTH!!