can anyone read Japanese? need help with (Japanese site) Store Finder

  1. okay, so I'll likely sound nuts, but I want to call some LV stores in Japan. the problem is that I can't read Japanese, so while I've managed to get to the Store Finder on the Japanese site, I can't make any calls because I can't read a single thing.

    can someone help?

    at the very least, does anyone know where these store numbers may be listed elsewhere?

    I'm thinking I could try Google Maps (zoom in on Japan, specific cities, and then search "Louis Vuitton").

    any other ideas?

    thanks for your help, lovelies!

    : D
  2. You can access the entire list of International boutiques (and their phone numbers) from any LV site (US, France, etc.)- just scroll down to "Japan".
  3. oh god, I feel like a GIANT moron!

    just goes to show that exam period fries your brain!

    thanks for your help, ValleyOppressed! ; )