can anyone read german on this auction?

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  1. what is it you are looking to know specifically?? It appears to be the same blah blah blah as english-speaking sellers . . . I am going to PM you . . .
  2. Hi LV-Pradafanatic,

    here I am...

    The black Koala Bracelet normade is gently worn by her husband. Size medium with silver hardware. 19cm innercircle. She bought it herself in Oktober 2006 in Collogne. The bracelet has one scratch on the leather and one scratch on the hardware ( see pics ). This auction is for one bracelet, the other one is in another auction:

    Comes with copie of the receipt.
    I know this seller - so if you have any more questions - please feel free to cantact me ;) I can translate or I can ask the seller for you :smile:

  3. thank you so much for helping me out,.:yes:.everyone at thr forum is so helpful..:love::flowers:
  4. Sure, your are always welcome ;)