Can anyone post pics. of ....

  1. a black quilted bowler?? not the patent !! ...Thanks! :smile:
  2. oh-Its in the NM mag I just got..Let me see if I know how to scan it....Its VERY CUTE!
  3. :smile: ...Thanks Jill .... Can you see the color of the lining? :smile:
  4. Cilifene: I saw different versions of Bowler IRL. For Black Bowler, I like patent leather more. The regular bolwer looks nice in Ivory.

    Below are the pictures of Small Quilted Leather Bowler in Black and Ivory. (source: nm online).
  5. Thanks! ...I have now placed an order for a black bowler at Browns :smile:
    I just dont know if I will get the patent or the regular :noworry: ...The picture at Browns is not that good. The order says leather quilted bag, so I gess that is the regular :smile: